Using Microsoft Word to Create a Letter in Act Premium Cloud

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Introduction: In this tutorial, Tony Holowitz demonstrates how to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Word with ACT Premium Cloud to create letters efficiently. He highlights the importance of installing the Microsoft Word integration in the cloud version and provides step-by-step instructions to utilize Word’s powerful features for letter writing.

1. Installing Microsoft Word Integration: Before using Microsoft Word with ACT Premium Cloud, users must first install the integration. Tony explains that users need to download and install the required software by entering their ACT Premium Cloud password. He briefly mentions that he has already completed this step but assures viewers that a separate video guide will address the installation process.

2. Accessing Microsoft Word Integration: In ACT Premium Cloud, users can click on the “Write” button to initiate letter creation. Tony showcases the different letter writing options available.

3. Choosing a Document Template: To simplify the letter creation process, Tony selects the “Other Document” option and opts for a built-in template from ACT. He clicks on the desired template to proceed.

4. Handling Downloads in a Web Browser: As ACT Premium Cloud operates in a web browser, the document download might appear differently. Tony explains that when using Microsoft Edge, the downloads display at the top, while other browsers might show them at the bottom left. He clicks on “Open File” to proceed with document creation.

5. Creating the Document in Microsoft Word: Upon clicking “Open File,” the selected template opens in Microsoft Word. Tony emphasizes that users can now print, edit, or perform any necessary actions on the document using Word’s functionalities.

Conclusion: By following Tony Holowitz’s comprehensive guide, users can effortlessly utilize Microsoft Word with ACT Premium Cloud for letter writing. Installing the Microsoft Word integration enables seamless document creation and editing. With this powerful integration, users can enhance their productivity and create professional letters effortlessly within ACT Premium Cloud.