Act Premium Cloud and Microsoft Word Preferences and Integration

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Introduction: In this tutorial, Tony Holowitz provides step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Microsoft Word with Act Premium Cloud for creating letters efficiently. He explains the essential preferences to set up and the process of downloading and installing the required software for seamless integration.

1. Setting Microsoft Word as Default Word Processor: To begin the integration process, users need to ensure that Microsoft Word is set as the default word processor in Act Premium Cloud. Tony demonstrates this by navigating to “Tools,” then “Preferences,” and selecting “Word Processor Preference.” Users should verify that Microsoft Word is chosen as the default.

2. Downloading the Microsoft Word Integration Software: For successful integration, users must download the Microsoft Word integration software. Tony shows that this can be done by clicking on the “Write” button, which prompts a pop-up box requesting the user’s password for authorization. Once filled in, clicking “OK” initiates the download of the required software.

3. Handling Security Prompts for Downloads: During the download process, some security prompts may appear. Tony explains that users might need to confirm their trust in the software for the download to proceed smoothly. He demonstrates how to navigate through these prompts and complete the download.

4. Installation of the Integration Software: Once the integration software is downloaded, users can proceed with the installation. Tony highlights a crucial point that users must uninstall any previous versions of Act from their computers before installing the integration software. This step ensures a successful integration with Microsoft Word.

Conclusion: By following Tony Holowitz’s instructions, users can seamlessly integrate Microsoft Word with Act Premium Cloud to create letters efficiently. Setting Microsoft Word as the default word processor and downloading/installing the required integration software are essential steps to ensure smooth integration. This integration enhances letter writing productivity and allows users to leverage Microsoft Word’s powerful features within Act Premium Cloud.