Act Premium Cloud: Microsoft Word Processor Special Characters Issue Fix

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Introduction: In this tutorial, Tony Holowitz addresses a common issue encountered by Act Premium Cloud users while creating letters using Microsoft Word. Users may face the problem of special characters and gibberish appearing in the letters, disrupting the document’s integrity. This issue is caused by a file association problem on the computer. Tony provides a step-by-step solution to fix this issue, enabling users to create error-free letters seamlessly.

1. Identifying the Special Characters Issue: Users may notice special characters and gibberish in their letters while using the mail merge function or attempting to write a letter in Act Premium Cloud with Microsoft Word. Tony explains that this issue is related to a file association problem between Microsoft Word and Act.

2. Creating a Document in Microsoft Word through Act Premium Cloud: To demonstrate the issue, Tony starts by creating a document or letter in Microsoft Word through Act Premium Cloud. He clicks on “Write,” selects “Other Document,” and chooses a template. After the document is created, the special characters issue becomes apparent.

3. Fixing the File Association Problem: Tony proceeds to show the steps to fix the file association problem causing the special characters issue. Users need to locate the file associated with the mail merge process. He demonstrates how to navigate to the proper file by accessing “Program Files” on the C drive, finding the “act for web” folder, and locating the “mail merge” folder.

4. Associating the File with the Document Creation Process: After locating the file, users need to associate it with the document creation process in Act Premium Cloud. Tony demonstrates how to do this by selecting “Change” under the file properties and navigating to the proper file location. Once the file association is established, the special characters issue will be resolved.

5. Testing and Confirmation: After completing the file association process, Tony recommends running a test to ensure the issue is fixed. Users can try creating a new document in Microsoft Word through Act Premium Cloud to confirm that the special characters and gibberish have been eliminated.

Conclusion: By following Tony Holowitz’s instructions, Act Premium Cloud users can effectively fix the special characters issue encountered while creating letters using Microsoft Word. Addressing the file association problem ensures a smooth document creation process, enhancing productivity, and preventing disruptions caused by special characters. With this fix, users can confidently create error-free letters and templates within Act Premium Cloud, streamlining their workflow and maximizing the benefits of Microsoft Word integration.