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Buying Act?  Purchase and Upgrade Options.  Act Desktop Software, Act in the Cloud or a combination of both. Getting Started with Act?  Customization questions & everyday use questions. Sage Act? Act Pro, Act Premium, Act Premium Cloud for the Web, or Act’s new subscription service?  I can answer all your questions about Act. I love to teach small businesspeople how to use Act more effectively as a great sales tool.  My Clients receive free Act Training.

I’ll give you 60 minutes of my time absolutely free, with no obligation, to discuss all of your Act Software questions.  Call or Email:

Buying & Upgrading Act CRM

Confused about your Act CRM purchase options?  One-time price?   Subscription pricing?   Cloud vs. Act desktop software?   You have many options.  How do you get the best price?  Old or New Act?

- Act Pro
- Act Premium
- Act Subscriptions
- Cloud vs. Desktop Act
- Act Premium Cloud
- Act Marketing Automation

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Act CRM Help & Support

Act can be used on a single computer, in a network environment via workstations, on the web, or a combination of all three. If you need help with setup, error messages or customization of Act CRM, I can help.

I offer 60-minutes of my time for free and during that time I will help you make Act a great tool for your business.  I will help you fix it if it is broken.  I will make suggestions and offer advice.

Have a great Act experience.  Call today: 888-734-2511

Act CRM Training

Act can be used as a simple Rolodex of information, a customer service portal, or a sophisticated sales tool.  Act Marketing Automation is a phenomenal email and drip marketing tool.  Used by individuals and small businesses, it can be adapted to your needs.

Act Training will Enhance Your Business.

I offer one-on-one training and consulting, as well as, Act CRM tutorials & classes, which are free for my clients.

Tell me your Act story.  I offer a free 60- minute Act Review and Training session.  Call Today: 888-734-2511

Act CRM Pricing Information

I Will Answer Your Act Presales Questions
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Tony Holowitz: Ask Me Your Act CRM Software Questions

Providing Act CRM Software Sales, Support & Training

Do you need Act CRM Database Support & Help? Are you looking to buy software?  Upgrade your current version? I will help you with your Software by giving you one-hour of my time for free to answer all your Act software questions.  Technical support questions.  Presales questions.  I will help you resolve technical issues and answer daily use questions.   I support all versions of Act. Call today.  >> Contact Us

How to Buy Act Software: Pricing Information

Are you looking to buy Act Software?  Maybe you need to upgrade your current version.  Act is now offered as a yearly subscription, with installed Desktop and Cloud options making it easier to buy and keep updated.  Together, we can review your options and discuss current sales promotions offered to new and existing database customers.  There are upgrade options for longtime Act Pro software users.  The Premium version is designed for users in larger companies in a networked environment.  >> Learn More

Act Support: All Versions of Act

I support all versions of Act software made by Swiftpage, and I start helping you by offering one-hour of my time for free. From version 6.0 to the newest version of Act. Desktop software. Web-based Cloud. Your data on your smart phone or tablet. It does not matter. I am here as a resource and educator whose goal is to make your Act software experience fantastic. I know software can be frustrating at times and I want you to have a phenomenal experience with your software. >> Learn More

Act Training & Customization

Training & Customization is what I love to do most.  I get to know you and discover your needs so I can advise you and help implement changes to Act so it matches your business needs.  From adding fields to customizing layouts and much more. Act Marketing Automation (Growth Suite) is a fantastic new email marketing automation tool built right inside Act. I help train beginners and experienced users on all versions of Act.  I work one-on-one and with small groups to help you make your software investment pay for itself many times over.  >> Learn More

Online Act Training Courses: Act Clever

My Software Training for Businesses & Salespeople: More than 15 Hours of Act Software Training Tutorials, Tips, Tricks and Insights from Tony Holowitz, an Act Software Teacher with more than 20 years experience teaching people how to use Act software more productively and with greater ease and efficiency.  Six Courses and a lifetime of learning together. 

Tony Holowitz: Your Friendly Act CRM Software Expert

Training & Support for All Versions of Act CRM Software

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Tony Holowitz

Tony Holowitz


More than 20 years ago I started to teach people how to use computers and Act CRM.  When I started my computer training business, I used Act CRM to maintain my contacts and I always loved teaching people about Act.  Act CRM impacted their lives because it helped them run their businesses better or enhanced their sales and marketing abilities.

A little bit about me:

  • Written more than 400 articles on Act CRM
  • Created more than 450 Act CRM training videos
  • Created more than 500 computer training tutorials
  • Membership site has 200 plus videos (15 hours)
Act CRM Training & Customization
Free Computer Training

Tony Holowitz: Your Friendly Act CRM Software Expert

Training & Support for All Versions of Act CRM Software

Act Emergency: Call Right Now 888-734-2511

Act Help: Get 1-Hour FreeSchedule Free Act Review