Act Training & Consulting

      When people ask me to help them with ACT, they are putting their trust in me to give them the best advice possible to make ACT work better in their business and personal lives. I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I have worked with many of my clients for years. I have helped them evolve with ACT as their business grows and changes. When people ask me to work with them to customize and simplify ACT, they get all of my knowledge on a wide range of subjects. I can relate to who they are and what they do, because I’m an ACT user and have been for years.  So let’s get started: tell me your ACT story!  Learn More

      QuickBooks & Microsoft Office

      The great thing about QuickBooks is that you don’t have to be an accountant to use it effectively. When I help you with QuickBooks I will simplify the learning process. I’ll have you using QuickBooks right away, because QuickBooks is very user-friendly and unbreakable. You learn by doing and I’ll help get running with QuickBooks very quickly. Being proficient with Microsoft Office: Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint is important in most business settings. I can teach you one-on-one via the web or I can train groups of students via webinars. I can customize my training to fit your needs and requirements.  Learn More

      Web Design Services

      Most of my web design clients started working with me in other areas of my business and my relationship with them evolved into helping them with their website.  Quite often, my ACT software clients have a need to create webpages that double as landing pages in their marketing efforts. It was a natural progression for me to enhance my web design skills so I could help my clients.  Talk to me about your website needs. Might you need a blog? How about WordPress?  Learn More

      Get 60 Minutes with an Act Expert - Now

      Tell me your act story. Start by telling me a little bit about your business and what you want to accomplish with act. In your opinion, what is the software lacking? What is it you feel you are not taking advantage of in act? I will advise you and simplify the way you use act for you and/or your staff.

      Since 1998

      Since 1998, Tony has been teaching people about Act and other related software, which includes: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.  He also teaches QuickBooks and WordPress.  He is well rounded and can help your business better use Act!

      Tony's Expertise

      Tony is editor and chief at www.365Tips.com, a website offering act tips, training and resources for act users of all abilities.  I teach, consult and advise.

      Tony The Teacher

      His website www.TeachAnOldDogNewTricks.com offers more than 100 hours of free computer training videos and tutorials, most of which were created by Tony himself!

      I’ll answer your Act software questions for FREE
      Setup, technical issues, error messages, customization questions & everyday use questions. Act Pro, Act Premium, Act Premium Cloud for the Web or Act’s new subscription service? I can answer all your questions about act.

      I’ll give you 60 minutes of my time absolutely free, with no obligation, to discuss all of your Act Software questions.

      Simply Call: 781-728-9777
      or email: Tony@TonyTheTeacher.com