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Swiftpage Act CRM

Source: Wikipedia: Formerly known as Sage Act, Swiftpage acquired Act in 2013.  Prior to Sage owning Act it was owned by Symantec.  Act is currently on version 24 (June 2022) and offers Act as a yearly subscription (Desktop and/or Cloud based, or a combination of both offerings).  Swiftpage changed its name to Act! LLC.

Swiftpage vs Modern CRM’s

In many respects, Act CRM is the grandparent of modern the web-based CRM software.  Having been around for more than 30 years it was originally software that you installed on your computer.  Common for the time-period.  Today, Act is focused on the importance of individual contacts in the database and how you work with them.  I find it striking that many modern CRM’s sell themselves by advertising flashy dashboards and reporting and they seem to forget all the work that goes into managing the data in the database that generates this information.

Act never lost sight of the fact that the contact comes first and using Act effectively includes hard work and effort to generate all the information required to generate those reports and dashboards.

I might be showing my age here, but it seems to me people forget that people sell and not software.  Of course, software can be an effective tool, like Swiftpage Act, but it takes hard work behind the scenes and effort to pull all these actions together to sell more and have a profitable business.  My two cents about Swiftpage Act CRM.

Things have changed and I will help you navigate your options with Act CRM software.  One-time purchase.  Subscription offerings.  Cloud Act CRM offering.  You have choices and I will help you figure it out.  Sometimes Act software users just need a little help.  Software, not just Act software, can be frustrating sometimes.  If you have run into a situation and need help, I will give you up to one hour of my time for free.  Give me a call, send me an email, or book a time with me via my online calendar:, and I will assist you.

Need a little bit of help with Swiftpage Act?

Act CRM software is very powerful.  Sometimes it can have conflicts with other software on your computer or it could be a simple configuration issue.  You can spend a lot of time trying to figure it out on your own, but why bother?  I have been helping Act software users for more than 20 years and I would be more than happy to try to help you.  Whatever the issue, reach out to me today.

Swiftpage Act Versions 

Act v24

Act! Premium 24 (Pro & Premium)
Act! Premium for Web 24
Update 1
Act! Premium WebAPI

Act v23

Act! Premium 23
Act! Premium for Web 23
Act! Premium WebAPI

Act v22

Act! Pro v22.1
Act! Premium 22.1
Act! Premium for Web 22.1
Act! Pro v22
Act! Premium v22
Act! Premium (Web) v22
Act! Pro v21
Act! Premium and Web v21
Swiftpage Act CRM Releases – U.S. and Canada
Act! Pro v20
Act! Premium and Web v20
Act! Pro v19
Act! Premium and Web v19
Act! Pro v18
Act! Premium and Web v18
Act! Pro v17
Act! Premium and Web v17
Act! Pro v16
Act! Premium and Web v16

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