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Act’s Marketing Automation is the equivalent of hiring a new Salesperson.  Act Marketing Automation’s powerful email program for Act CRM includes a minimum of 2500 monthly emails with your Act CRM subscription.  When people ask me About Act Marketing Automation I tell them that they have to prepare themselves to think of this tool as a completely different software from Act itself.  It is my opinion that approaching it with that mindset will make your experience better.  It is powerful and unique in the way you go about setting up email marketing campaigns to groups within your Act database.

Unfortunately, Act Marketing Automation is not a very intuitive email program.  But it is powerful and worth learning how to use today.

I do not want to sugarcoat this: setting up campaigns and the thought that goes into creating the email content and templates can be time-consuming and a bit of work.  It is very similar to the work involved in hiring and training a new salesperson.  It takes imagination and a mindset to focus on the bottom line goal of that campaign you send out first and foremost.  But the true beauty of Act Marketing Automation is that it builds upon itself.  You gather intelligence and insights about your client base that you can use in the future.  As your experience with Act Marketing Automation grows so will your confidence and Ideas for new campaigns.

After you send your first Act Marketing Automation campaign the fun starts

Now you can access reports and information about the success of your campaign and the impact it had on individual contacts right inside of Act.  unlike MailChimp or Constant Contact, all of your data resides inside of Act CRM.  This is vital because you can lookup the contacts in Act to take action and enhance your sales capabilities.

Even though Act Marketing Automation is included with your Act subscription, you don’t have to use it.  In fact, I’m astounded by the number of people that say the would never use it or need it.

Here are 8 reasons to send a marketing email with Act Marketing Automation:

  1.  Especially after the pandemic, to help you understand who is still around.  Bounced emails tell a story.
  2.  Send a holiday greeting; remind people you exist while being nice
  3.  Send a simple text email, nothing fancy, to your customers and prospects
  4.  Send a newsletter once a quarter
  5.  Simply ask if you can help them with anything, do they need anything?
  6.  The first email is the hardest.  Get it over with so you can send more
  7.  Because a simple email might just get you some new business
  8.  Because it is free and included

AMA includes beautiful templates and automated marketing technology.  Act Marketing Automation is the most efficient salesperson and customer service representative you’ll ever hire. Used wisely, you can gain insights and knowledge about your Act contacts and increase your sales and customer follow-up. If you currently use Constant Contact, MailChimp or a similar offering, Act Marketing Automation offers all of those tools built right inside of Act.  If you would like to create a campaign to call all the people that opened your last marketing email it is very easy. Send an Act Marketing Automation campaign and it reports the results of that campaign right inside of Act so you can easily find the contacts that have engaged with your last email.

Act Marketing Automation can be a game changer for Act software users!

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