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Purchasing Act CRM Software is Simple

Act CRM: Three Subscription Options

Traditional Installed
Desktop Act Software

This is the software that longtime Act users are familiar with and have used for years.  The only difference is that it is now offered as a yearly subscription.  As of 1/1/22, you can get a single Act subscription for $350 per year.  Your Act CRM software subscription includes the following:

  • Act Premium Desktop Software
  • 2500 Monthly Act Marketing Automation Emails
  • Free Act Related Technical Support (some limitations apply)
  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Mobile App: Act Companion
  • Act Connect: connecting to other software such as QuickBooks Online

Act CRM Cloud Based Software: Two Unique Options

There are two Act Cloud based only options: ACT CRM and Act CRM Classic

Act CRM was introduced in September of 2021 and Act CRM Classic was introduced in October of 2020.  I use Act CRM Classic in my office and I love it ($360 per year).

Act CRM is different.  It looks different and reacts differently.  Not bad.  Just different.  If you visit Act’s website this is current free trial they offer.  Don’t do it.  Reach out to me first (781-728-9777) to discuss your options before you take action or start a trial. 

Prices range between $144 and $600 per year depending on the plan you choose.  At this point in time I recommend Act CRM Classic to current and past Act Users.

My Opinion: Act CRM is for Millennials and Act CRM Classic is designed for Traditional Long-time Acters.

Act Marketing Automation (AMA)

Act Marketing Automation’s powerful email program for Act CRM includes a minimum of 2500 monthly emails with your subscription.

AMA includes beautiful templates and automated marketing technology.

Act Marketing Automation is the most efficient salesperson and customer service representative you’ll ever hire. Used wisely, you can gain insights and knowledge about your Act contacts and increase your sales and customer follow-up. If you currently use Constant Contact, MailChimp or a similar offering, Act Marketing Automation offers all of those tools built right inside of Act.
If you would like to create a campaign to call all the people that opened your last marketing email it is very easy. Send an Act Marketing Automation campaign and it reports the results of that campaign right inside of Act so you can easily find the contacts that have engaged with your last email.

Act Marketing Automation can be a game changer for Act software users!

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