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Purchasing Act CRM Software is Simple

Act CRM is now offered as a yearly subscription so there are fewer options to choose from making it easier to buy.

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Monthly Promotions

Act typically offers their subscriptions at a discount to long time Act Pro software users.  Act Pro was acts perpetual offering for individuals and companies with 1 to 10 Act CRM users.  Act premium was designed for 10 or more Act users with some unique tools under the hood designed for CRM users in larger companies in a networked environment.

In the past when you purchased Act Pro or Act premium it was a one-time perpetual license.

As of 9/1/20, you can get a single Act subscription for $270 per year.  Your Act CRM software subscription includes the following:

  • Act Premium Desktop Software
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Mobile App: Act Companion
  • Act Connect: connecting to other software such as QuickBooks Online

Opinion: the free technical support option alone makes your subscription a great value.


Act CRM Subscription Options

Cloud Hosting and Synchronization $120 per year: if you would like to synchronize your data between your desktop computer and the laptop computer you travel with our hosting and synchronization services will allow you to accomplish that task.

This is an incredible bargain for Act CRM users.  You no longer need to set up and maintain an expensive server and hire an IT professional to configure and maintain your Act data.  Our synchronization services do that for a tiny fraction of the cost.  If you are not sure if you need this initially, hold off and get this later.

Act Marketing Automation (AMA): Act Growth Suite

Act Marketing Automations powerful email program for Act CRM includes 25,000 monthly emails with sophisticated templates and marketing technology.  Act Marketing Automation is $79 per month ($948 per year).  I typically get two reactions when I mentioned the price of Act Marketing Automation to my clients.  Many people respond by saying they do not have the ability or need to send 25,000 emails per month.  Even if you only send 5000 emails per month, this is still a great and affordable tool.

The second response I get is that it is too expensive.  I can appreciate the fact that $948 a year on top of your subscription can seem like a lot of money to spend on Act CRM.  But I urge you to think of it a little bit differently.

Opinion: if you think the price of AMA is too high, I think you need to consider what it can potentially do for you and your business.  May I be blunt?  AMA is like hiring a salesperson.  It can be work, time-consuming and expensive to learn and implement.  But it is a tool that you can measure.  FYI: I can help you simplify this task.  If this tool can turn your Act CRM database into a sales machine that generates more revenue for you and your business this program is a no-brainer.

The best thing about Act Marketing Automation, unlike that salesperson you hired, is that it will not leave you.  Your time spent on Act Marketing Automation will come back to you for years to come and I believe it can be worth the effort with some careful planning and modest expectations.


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