Finding Act Backup Files on Your Computer Hard Drive

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Introduction: In this tutorial, Tony Holowitz guides users on how to find ACT backup files on their computer’s hard drive. When using ACT to back up data, it creates a ZIP file containing the backed-up information. If users are having trouble locating their backup files, Tony suggests searching the entire computer’s hard drive (C drive) for ZIP files using a wildcard search. This tutorial demonstrates the step-by-step process to search for and identify potential ACT backup files.

1. Understanding ACT Backup Files: ACT creates backup files in ZIP format (Zipped, as in zebra, I is in India, P is in Peter). These ZIP files store the backed-up ACT data and can be essential for data restoration in case of data loss or system failures.

2. Accessing the C Drive: To initiate the search for ACT backup files, users need to access the C drive on their computer. Tony demonstrates this process on a Windows 10 computer by using the “File Explorer” feature.

3. Conducting a Wildcard Search: In the search box within the C drive, users can perform a wildcard search to locate ZIP files. Tony uses the asterisk () wildcard and types “.zip” to search for files with a ZIP extension throughout the entire hard drive.

4. Searching for Zip Files: Once the search is initiated, the computer will scan the C drive for ZIP files. Users may need to wait for the search to complete, especially if they have a large amount of data on their hard drive.

5. Identifying Recent Backup Files: Upon locating ZIP files, users can determine if any of them are recent by checking the created or modified date. These files may correspond to recent ACT backups.

6. Extending the Search to Additional Drives: Tony reminds users that if they have multiple drives, such as external drives or secondary hard drives, they should also search those locations to ensure all potential ACT backup files are identified.

Conclusion: By following Tony Holowitz’s instructions, users can easily locate ACT backup files on their computer’s hard drive. Initiating a wildcard search in the C drive helps identify ZIP files, which could contain crucial backup data. Regularly backing up ACT data and knowing the location of backup files is vital to safeguarding important information and ensuring quick recovery in case of any data loss or system issues.