Shared Email Templates for Microsoft Outlook Review 2023

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Introduction: In this tutorial, Tony Holowitz introduces a time-saving tool called “Shared Email Templates,” designed for Microsoft Outlook users. The software, developed by AbleBits, allows users to create and store email templates that can be easily inserted into new emails. This tool is particularly beneficial for individuals who frequently send repetitive emails and wish to streamline their communication process. Tony demonstrates how to use the tool, verifies the system requirements, and provides information about its pricing.

1. What are Shared Email Templates? Shared Email Templates is a productivity tool for Microsoft Outlook that enables users to create and save email templates. These templates can include pre-filled subject lines and message bodies, making it convenient to send frequently used emails without the need for repetitive typing.

2. Checking System Compatibility: To use Shared Email Templates, users need to have Microsoft Exchange as their email account type. Tony shows how to verify the account type by clicking on “File” in the Outlook inbox and checking the account information at the top.

3. Understanding Pricing: Tony provides information about the pricing for Shared Email Templates. The software costs $36 per year per user, offering an economical solution for individuals looking to optimize their email efficiency.

4. Creating and Using Email Templates: Tony demonstrates the process of creating a new email template using the tool. Users can insert macros to automatically fill in the subject line and body of the email. Once the template is saved, users can easily access it from the “Favorites” section on the right-hand side of the Outlook interface.

5. Giving Templates Descriptive Names: To help with organization and quick access, Tony suggests giving templates descriptive names. Users can use any relevant term or keyword, making it easier to search for specific templates when needed.

6. Benefits of Shared Email Templates: The tool proves useful for scenarios where standard replies or frequently used information need to be sent to recipients. Users can quickly select the appropriate template and save time on repetitive typing.

7. Accessing Shared Email Templates Add-In: To access the Shared Email Templates add-in, users can go to their Outlook account, click on “Get Add-ins,” and search for “Shared Email Templates.” AbleBits offers a 60-day trial, allowing users to explore the tool’s functionalities before making a decision.

Conclusion: Shared Email Templates by AbleBits is a valuable tool that significantly enhances email efficiency for Microsoft Outlook users. By creating and saving email templates with pre-filled subject lines and content, users can save time on repetitive emails, standard replies, or commonly used information. The tool’s user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing make it a valuable addition to any Outlook user’s toolkit. Try Shared Email Templates today and optimize your email communication like never before!