Act Premium Cloud Sync Service

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Introduction: In this informative video, Tony Holowitz discusses the Act Premium Cloud Sync Service, a convenient and cost-effective solution for seamless data management in Act software. The video highlights how the service can address the challenges of server maintenance and data synchronization across multiple computers in an office setup. Tony also explains the differences between Act desktop software and Act Premium Cloud, emphasizing the benefits of opting for the cloud-based subscription model.

1. The Office Setup: Tony introduces the scenario of a client with three computers in the office, all looking towards a central server for Act data management. However, with the server facing issues and needing replacement, the client faces a dilemma of how to maintain Act functionality without investing in another costly server.

2. Act Premium Cloud: To address the server issues, Tony introduces Act Premium Cloud, a web-based version of Act that mirrors the desktop software. He highlights that approximately 80% of the cloud experience is similar to the desktop version, making the transition smooth and easy for existing users. Additionally, the cloud version comes with the added advantage of eliminating the need for expensive server infrastructure and support.

3. Subscription Model and Cost Savings: Tony emphasizes the cost savings with Act Premium Cloud, priced at $360 per year, which is $90 less than the $450 cost of the desktop software. The subscription-based model offers affordability and flexibility for businesses.

4. Desktop Sync Option: For users who prefer a hybrid approach or need specific desktop functionality, Tony mentions the option of Desktop Sync for an additional $120 per user. This setup allows users to have both the cloud version and the desktop software installed, with synchronization happening regularly between the two to keep data up-to-date.

5. How Act Premium Cloud Sync Works: Tony explains that with Act Premium Cloud Sync, all four computers in the office synchronize data with the cloud version of Act. The cloud version then updates each individual computer, ensuring consistent and real-time access to the latest information.

6. The Benefits: The Act Premium Cloud Sync Service offers several key benefits, including affordability, ease of implementation, elimination of server costs, and seamless data synchronization. It provides a practical solution for businesses looking to maintain Act functionality without the burden of maintaining a server.

Conclusion: The Act Premium Cloud Sync Service is an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking streamlined data management with Act software. By choosing Act Premium Cloud and Desktop Sync, users can enjoy the convenience of cloud-based access and synchronization with the desktop version, all while eliminating the need for costly servers. This combination of affordability, flexibility, and ease of use makes it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. To explore this option further or learn more about Act software, reach out to Tony Holowitz for expert guidance and support.