How To Export Data Out of Act CRM

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Introduction: In this tutorial, Tony Holowitz addresses a common question from a client: how to export data from ACT CRM. He demonstrates the process of exporting data, both a specific lookup and all records, from the desktop version of ACT CRM to Excel. Tony provides easy-to-follow instructions to ensure users can efficiently export their desired information.

1. Exporting Lookup Data to Excel: Tony begins by showing a specific lookup of contacts named John. He switches to the List View and displays the fields he wants to export. With a simple click on the Excel export icon, the data transfers to Excel, allowing users to access the information effortlessly.

2. Exporting All Records from ACT CRM: Tony now explains the process of exporting all data from ACT CRM to a file. He guides users step-by-step through the Export Wizard dialog box.

3. Initiating the Export Process: In the ACT CRM desktop version, users need to go to “File,” then “Export,” to start the Export Wizard. Tony clicks “Next” to proceed to the next step.

4. Selecting Export File Format: In the Export Wizard, users can choose the file format they want to export. Tony selects “Text (limited)” and designates the destination folder for the exported file on the desktop.

5. Defining Export Criteria: Next, Tony chooses to export all contact records, including field names. This ensures all relevant data is included in the export.

6. Reviewing Export Fields: The Export Wizard presents a list of all the fields in the ACT CRM database that will be exported. Tony clicks “Next” to proceed.

7. Completing the Export Process: Tony clicks “Finish” to finalize the export. The data is now exported to the specified file location on the desktop.

8. Accessing the Exported File: Tony navigates to the desktop and opens the exported file named “Export 2.” He highlights that opening this file with Microsoft Excel will display the data in a well-organized manner.

Conclusion: With Tony Holowitz’s comprehensive tutorial, exporting data from ACT CRM becomes a simple task. Users can export specific lookup data or all records from the ACT CRM desktop version to Excel effortlessly. Tony’s step-by-step guidance empowers users to efficiently manage their data and extract valuable insights for enhanced productivity and decision-making.