Refreshing Act CRM: Act Premium Cloud

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Introduction: In this informative tutorial, Tony Holowitz addresses a common query from a client regarding data refresh in ACT CRM Premium Cloud. He demonstrates the process of updating information on contacts and explains the importance of refreshing data to ensure accurate and real-time updates. Tony also highlights the subtle differences between ACT CRM Premium Cloud and the desktop version in terms of data refresh.

1. The Query: Tony starts by introducing the client’s question: why isn’t the information she inputs into ACT CRM Premium Cloud showing up on the contact record? He acknowledges the significance of this issue and proceeds to investigate the cause.

2. Recording Contact Activities: To illustrate the data refresh process, Tony creates a scenario where a user makes a phone call to a contact and wants to record it. He emphasizes the importance of accurately documenting activities in ACT CRM.

3. Understanding the Data Refresh: Upon recording the call in the contact’s history, Tony notices that the date in the “Call Reach” field does not automatically update. He explains that in ACT CRM Premium Cloud, the data sometimes requires manual refreshing to reflect the changes made.

4. Refreshing Data in ACT CRM Premium Cloud: Tony demonstrates how to refresh the data in ACT CRM Premium Cloud. Users can click on the “Refresh” icon located at the top of the screen or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + R.” This action updates the data and ensures that the call activity date now shows the current date.

5. Automatic Data Refresh in ACT Desktop Software: Moving on to ACT desktop software, Tony showcases a similar process to record a phone call and update the “Call Reach” field. In this version, the data refreshes automatically upon entering the activity.

6. Manual Data Refresh in ACT Desktop Software: In case the data doesn’t update automatically in ACT desktop software, Tony demonstrates how to manually refresh the data. Users can navigate away from the contact record and return to it or use the “Refresh” option found under the “View” menu or by pressing the “F5” key.

Conclusion: Tony Holowitz’s insightful tutorial provides valuable insights into ensuring data refresh in ACT CRM Premium Cloud and desktop versions. By following his expert guidance, users can ensure that their contact records are up to date and accurately reflect the activities performed. Whether in the cloud or desktop version, ACT CRM empowers users to streamline their workflow and optimize contact management for enhanced productivity.