What is my Act CRM Version and Serial Number?

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

How do I find my Act CRM Version?  How do I find my Act CRM Serial Number?

Hi ladies and gentlemen. My name is Tony Holowitz. Sometimes people will ask me, what is my Act serial number and version of Act? So let me show you how to figure that out. It’s very simple. Go up and click on help, and go down to About Act. When you do that, you’re going to see two things right up top. You’re gonna see the version number, and down in the middle section, you’re going to see your serial number and the number of licenses you actually have. So that is my version, 24.0 0.204 dash zero, update seven, and that is my serial number down below.

Finding Your Act Serial Number and Act Version is Easy

Recently, I had a customer reach out to me, and said they needed their serial number, and what I recommend is once you get this, come in and copy this by selecting the text right clicking go copy. And once you do that, take that, put it in an email or file on your computer, but put it in an email and send it to yourself. That way you have your act serial number in your email, put it in a text file or a Word document on your computer and then you have it for future use.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. You have a great day. Bye now.

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