Act CRM Pricing Update January 2023

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Act CRM Pricing Update 1-3-2023 | Version 24 Subscription and Perpetual Offerings

First and foremost, Happy New Year!  Is it just me, or has the pandemic skewed time?  Time is flying by at a rapid pace, or so it seems.  Act pricing has not changed and you have 7 pricing options that I will outline for you today.  They include the following prices:


  1. Act Premium Desktop (Yearly Subscription is $380 upgrade pricing and $450 for new users): This is Act software that is downloaded and physically installed on the hard drive of your computer.  Multiple individuals can also use it in a network environment in which you install Act on your company server and linked desktops.  If you don’t have a server or expertise to deploy Act, we offer hosting solutions.
  2. Act Premium Cloud (Yearly Subscription is $360 per user): This is Act in the cloud only.  You login via a web browser, and there is no software to install.  I love this option and have been using it exclusively since late December 2020.  Act is unique because most CRM products are web-based.  Act has desktop software and web-based software options.  Our Next option gives you the best of both options.
  3. Act Premium Cloud with Desktop Sync (Yearly Subscription is $480 and includes Act Premium Cloud and Act Desktop physically installed software): This is truly the best of both Act worlds.  Act desktop software has advantages such as not needing to be connected to the internet.  There are also add-on products that are best used with Act’s desktop software.  However, Act has to be installed and configured, and you must compute the installation cost if you need assistance.
  4. Act Pro v24 ($450 one-time purchase, a perpetual license): This is do-it-yourself software and is limited to 5-users or fewer.  We offer support that is fee-based.

My Thoughts About Annual Subscriptions for ACT CRM

Some people are winding down their careers. Some are simply maintaining a book of business, and they do very little customer follow-up and sales.  They don’t see the benefit of a yearly subscription when they only use Act as a glorified Rolodex. 

I can understand that to a point. 

Why not send out a quarterly email touching their prospects and clients?  Act Marketing Automation makes this easy.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be a plain simple text email.  Strengthening the relationship between you and or contacts is never a bad thing.  Is your database an asset that you could sell? It is my feeling that you can judge Act as a tool that is measurable and quantifiable: does it make you money?  Can you generate business using Act as a marketing and sales tool?  Can one extra sale a year pay for Act many times over?  If yes, a subscription is just the cost of doing business.  A small cost, a little more than $1.00 a day.  Send an email.  Make a sale.  You can thank me later.

Act Premium CRM

Act desktop software is great for small for businesses and salespeople needing to keep in touch with contacts.  Great for tracking activities and correspondence. Includes Act Marketing Automation and more.  35+ years in the making with more than 800,000 users.


Act Marketing Automation

Act Marketing Automation is a great tool and has different packages to suit your needs.  As an annual subscriber, you receive the basic level of Act Marketing Automation so you can take advantage of this fantastic email program built inside of Act.  As your needs grow, evolve into the more sophisticated tools available to you.

Act Login Help

Looking for the proper webpage that will enable you to login to Act Premium Cloud or Act Classic CRM?  Maybe you are hosted by a third party vendor such as Keystroke, where I am a partner.  Regardless, we can guide you to the proper login page.  Lost password and username.  We can help you find that information quickly. 


Data Backup

Do you backup your Act database daily?  You must.  I’ll show you how.  I will help you automate the process so you don’t have to worry about your data.

Act & Outlook

Act and Microsoft Outlook are a great combination.  Act is a great CRM and Outlook is a great email program with connections to many popular add-ons and tools.


Act Premium Cloud

Act Premium Cloud is the Cloud only version of Act.  There is no software to install.  You access your data via a web browser.  It is everywhere.  No expensive IT support or servers.  You can add additional users very easily. Try it today.


Act Sync

This gives you the best of both parts of Act: Cloud and Desktop.  With Sync service your data stays updated between the desktop version of Act and the cloud version of Act.  It is the best of both worlds and covers all the important needs of being an Act user.


Act Mobile Apps

Act Subscribers, those that pay a yearly subscription for Act Desktop or Act Cloud, have an app they can use called Act Companion. Another option, and in my opinion, a better option is Handheld Contact.

Act Security

​How secure is your Act database? How do you protect specific contacts in Act? How do you make a contact private? Act is powerful with many options. Take advantage of them today.


Act has many prebuilt reports you can choose from right now.  I will show you how to take reporting to another level within Act.

Act Pro

Act Pro is a one-time purchase and is the software you've come to know and trust. It is do-it-yourself software with no free support.  We can help you with installation and setup.  This is perfect for those of you that do not need the full advantage of all the tools available in the subscription offerings of Act.

Act Tools & Add-Ons

Learn all about different Act add-on products that can help you take Act software to a different level.  Top-notch software developers have developed tools that enhance and complement the way you use Act.  Have an issue or problem?  There might be an add-on to solve that problem.  Call me to learn more.

Act Training Online

I have personally created more than 300 Act video tutorials and an additional 250 tutorials on Microsoft office QuickBooks and more.  I really enjoyed teaching my clients.  My clients get free access to Act Clever: my Act Training Courses.


Automating Act

How do you automate Act CRM?  Used by individuals and small businesses everywhere, how do you make Act more automatically?  I’ll teach you.

Quoting Software

If your company has a sales staff that creates sales opportunities and quotes, I can show you a tool that takes this process to a new level of sophistication that will increase sales.