Act software now offers a subscription service, Act Premium Cloud, and when I’m asked to describe what it is all about I think it is easiest to describe Act as coming in many flavors.

Over the next 30 days or so I go to focus most of my attention on how act’s new subscription service impacts you as a small business person. I will try to break it down for you on a cost basis and on a usage basis. I will attempt to compare apples with apples and apples with oranges so you can fully understand if this new version of act will work for you. I call it a new version, but it really isn’t a new version; it is just another way for you to make the most of act software in your business or professional life.

ACT! premium hosted gives you act premium software as a download for your desktop and it also allows you to upload it to act’s hosted web servers so you can access your data via the web. There are certain steps you should take if you make a decision to upload it to the web and I will discuss those steps in upcoming tips.

When I describe act as coming in many flavors it is because act can now be utilized in many places: your desktop computer, via a web browser, on your smart phone or tablet. Some days you might only want plain old vanilla, act on your desktop. On other days you might decide to partake in chocolate, act on your smart phone. Last but not least, strawberry, which is act in a web browser or on your tablet such as an iPad.

The reality is that you don’t have to decide on your favorite flavor anymore, because act is everywhere!

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