Today we are going to explore Act’s Edit Menu to show you some of the key points of using this menu.

This menu gives you options to manipulate data within Act and I cannot stress enough how important it is to make backups before you make radical changes to your Act data. You will never be mad at yourself if you take a little of time to be safe by creating multiple incremental backups. You will make a mistake…eventually. Thankfully, the backups you made will save you.

As a computer user and Act user it is good to know about a few keyboard shortcuts that play a role on this menu and a few more:

  • Ctrl C is the keyboard shortcut for Copy
  • Ctrl V is the keyboard shortcut for Paste
  • Ctrl X is the keyboard shortcut for Cut
  • Ctrl P is the keyboard shortcut to Print
  • Ctrl Z is the keyboard shortcut to Undo


Act’s edit menu allows you to copy, move and swap data and this video explores and explains that in greater detail. Enjoy.

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