Act CRM Pricing 2021: Act Pro ($299) vs. Act Premium Cloud ($420 Annual Subscription)

by | Oct 2, 2021 | Act CRM Pricing

Getting Used to Act’s Annual Subscription Program

Long time Act software users are trying to get used to the idea of subscribing to Act on an annual basis. Act Premium Cloud is Act’s annual $420 per year annual subscription program. Act Pro, $299, is a one-time purchase. So what are the differences?

In the chart below I try to outline what I believe are some of the major differences between Act Premium Cloud and Act Pro. Based on conversations with some of my clients I have found that some people just do not like the idea of paying an annual subscription for anything. However, a lot of software is going in that direction.

I urge you to look at software on an annual basis in a different mindset. Do not look at it as just an annual expense, look at it as an opportunity to review how to make the most of your software so the annual expense is barely noticed because it is so productive for you. I know in the short term that might be hard to swallow, but Act is trying to keep you up-to-date with the technology and opportunities that surround you and the software you subscribe to.