FYI: In late December of 2020 I started using Act CRM SaaS exclusively in my office. 

Act’s new offering was something I felt I had to test daily so I could understand the pros and cons of this software.  It is web based and there is no desktop software involved.  For the record, I like it and recommend it to my clients.

Knowing I am using the SaaS (software as a service) version of Act is important because some of the add-on products I use have changed because of this fact.  So here is an updated list of some of the add-ons I use for Act and Microsoft Outlook which are two of the most important aspects of my day-to-day business.  My goal with this article is just to give you a quick overview of why you should use the software without going into the dramatic details. 

If you have questions or would like to learn a little bit more, please reach out to me at 781-728-9777.

Act4Outlook / Act4Mail

Act4Outlook connects Act and Microsoft Outlook better.  There are two versions of Act for Outlook: Act4Outlook for Act desktop software and Act4Mail is for the web and Saas versions of Act.  I use this software because it makes tracking incoming and outgoing emails easier and it also allows me to quickly add contacts to my Act database from Microsoft Outlook emails.

Template Phrases

This is absolutely my favorite piece of software because it makes replying to email super easy.  You know those emails you are constantly composing over and over again.  Template phrases allows you to save templates right within Microsoft Outlook.  My favorite aspect of this tool is the fact that not only does it save the body of the email but it also saves the subject line.  Sending the emails is as easy as a point and click.


Bananatag tracks emails you send so that when someone opens it on the other end you get an email stating they have done so.  In addition to that, it can track when someone clicks on a hyperlink within the email.  Have you ever wondered if someone get that email you sent them?  Maybe it was a proposal or an invoice.  Now you will know.

Two Monitors

This is not so much a software add-on as it is simple advice.  Get two monitors for your computer set up.  If you have a laptop buy two monitors and a keyboard.  Trust me when I tell you that you will wonder how you lived without this setup after you implement it.


Calendly allows you to publish your calendar online.  By directing your prospects and customers to your calendar they can schedule meetings and telephone calls with you or your team.  It eliminates all the back-and-forth of scheduling.  It will also send meeting reminders to the attendees as well as to you so you do not forget to show up to your own meeting.

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