Is Act Mobile Ready? Is Your website Mobile Ready?

by | Oct 2, 2021 | ACT CRM Software Tips and Tricks

As a small business person it is important to understand the concept of a mobile ready website.

Many of my readers and clients are small business people and they have company websites. Recently Google announced that they would penalize websites that were not mobile ready. The whole concept of having a mobile ready website is to make sure people that view your site on smart phones will be able to easily view the information.

That is easier said than done.

The reason I’m even bringing this up at all is to educate you on two fronts. First, if you are responsible for your company website you need to be aware of these facts. Second, if you are considering using act on your smart phone via Act’s Premium Cloud service it helps to understand the restrictions that are thrust upon act because you are viewing your data on a smart phone. It isn’t just act, it’s any one that creates stuff for smart phones that is affected. Smart phones have smaller screens and force people to design for and make software usable on small screens. Act is no different in that regard. Your experience using act on a small screen is vital to the success of Act Premium Cloud. If it is difficult to work with your data on a smart phone that is not a good thing.

Reality check: Act on your Smart Phone

To be fair to act in all websites that you are more accustomed to using on your computer screen in your office that on your smart phone my advice is this: expect smaller and less information right in front of you. Obviously, not all mobile software is created equal. Because act offers so much it is hard to translate that to the small screen in my opinion. Having stated that, I think the folks at handheld contact have done a great job of making act work on the small screen. In the future I will create some more tutorials showing you some of the differences between act and Handheld Contact. Visit this Google Developer webpage to see if your site is Mobile Ready: