Installing Act4Outlook: Part 2

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Installing Act4Outlook Part 2 (Act for Outlook)


Hi, ladies and gentlemen, this is Tony Holowitz and this is part two in our video on how to set up the Act4Outlook add-on from Keystroke. So what I want you to notice is right now we have Microsoft Outlook open and up in the top right hand corner, you’ll see a setting up here that says ACT database settings and act for Outlook. We’re gonna click on both of these, but I’m gonna do ’em in order. I’m first gonna click on ACT database settings, and when I click on this, a box will pop up That will allow me to create some settings. So let me state right up front, I wish they had the second choice first because I think that’s the more important of the two in here. When you get to this field, the contact field mapping, I’m gonna advise you just leave it alone for now.

When it says activity settings, simply click on that and just set it as meeting for now. Next, when it comes to history settings, I want you to choose email auto attach, and you’ll see you have a lot of options here, but choose email auto attached, click save, and that’s the first half of it done. The second HA is the act for Outlook settings, and in here I had mentioned you need to know where your database is located, your username and password, you want to fill those in, and then click on login. That will log in. If some of this is off, you’ll get an error message. So this is the first and probably the most important step to get this working properly. Next, under history recording, you wanna make sure, in my opinion, that you use email, subject, body, and attachments. That’s the first option.

Next, make sure you attach emails to ACT database users. Absolutely. Also attach all sent messages, even if they’re not sent from this machine. Meaning if you send it from, for example, your iPhone or some kind of Android device, that will also attach it when you’re using something like imap because it will read that. Secondly, it says, I automatically attach incoming emails. This one you need to make sure is checked to get this all working properly. Also, if you, for example, are in a large company and you have a lot of emails coming back and forth from your company or any organization for that matter, you can tell it to ignore certain domain names. So for example, if you wanted to ignore all Gmail emails, you could do that. So that’s tab number two here under Update. That is off. That’s not checked. Leave it that way, and you’re set to go click on save and close and you’re all done. That’s it. It’s all set up. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s Act for Outlook. That’s the setup. That’s part two of this video series. Thank you so very much. Have a great day. Bye now.


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