Act4Outlook: My 2 Favorite Features of Act4Outlook

by | Oct 2, 2021 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Act4Outlook is an add-on that helps Act and Microsoft Outlook play nice together.

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If you are a long-time act user you recognize the benefits of using Microsoft Outlook in conjunction with act. When you send an email act and Microsoft Outlook have the ability to communicate and record the event in act. In other words, it creates a history. Sometimes, this feature breaks for a variety of reasons. Act for Outlook solves that dilemma and is just one of the reasons why this software ($35.95) is well worth the price.

My experience has been that different act users often have different reasons why they like act add-on products. I’m an example of that reality. The two main reasons why I like this software is because of its ability to add a contact act and then take you to that contact in act with a simple click. In fact, you can go to multiple contacts in act if you desire. More on that later. Act4Outlook will also attach incoming emails to act contacts.

Please watch my video and try the software for free for 14 days. If you need help configuring it, simply reach out to me and I will assist you.

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Act4Outlook includes the following features:

  • COPY CONTACTS TO ACT!: Send Outlook contacts to Act! by simply right clicking one or more contacts from your address book.
  • SUPER FAST HISTORY RECORDING: Send an email from Outlook (even with Act! closed), and it will be attached to the matching record in Act! within a second based on any email field
  • CREATE LOOKUP FROM EMAILS: Select any number of emails in Outlook, right-click and select “Create Lookup” and it will find all the contacts in Act! associated with those select emails.
  • CREATE CONTACTS & ACTIVITIES FROM AN EMAIL: Disable the Act-Outlook address book integration that so often slows down computers, and get all the functionality back with Act4outlook. Select and email and automatically convert it to a Contact or Activity, but in a way that is faster than ever before.
  • LINK TO ACT!: Link Contacts to Companies, Groups, or Opportunities after sending to Act
  • COPY ACTIVITIES TO ACT!: Send one or more Activities to Act! from your Outlook calendar.
  • FIND CONTACT IN ACT! FROM EMAIL: Select an email in your inbox, and click on “Go to Contact”, and Act4Outlook will find the matching contact in your Act! database
  • REDUCE CALENDAR DUPES: Act4Outlook reduces duplication by keeping track of previously imported activities. If an activity is updated in Outlook with new data, simply re-send the activity to Act which will update the previously imported Act activity.
  • INBOX HISTORY RECORDING: Attach one or more email messages directly to Contacts, Groups, Companies, or Opportunities. Linking the email to more than one type of record at a time does not create a duplicate entry in the Act attachments folder.
  • INCOMING MAIL HISTORY RECORDING: Act4Outlook can automatically record and link all incoming messages to the Act database as long as a Contact with the sender’s email address is found in the database. Users can also enter one or more domain names to ignore so that any emails sent from those domains are not attached to the database.

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