Personally, I think the biggest benefit of Act’s companies feature is the visual clue it gives you when you look at a company name.

Act shows you a blue hyperlink in the company field to alert you to the fact that a contact is not alone and part of a larger group of individual contacts at a particular company.  The second best thing is the fact that you can automate the company process in Act 17. By utilizing the act preferences tool you can decide on a minimum number of contacts that are required before you link them together as a company. For example, if you set that number at five and you only have four contacts at the ABC Company, they won’t be linked together. But the minute you add contact number five they are all linked together automatically.

Act Companies vs. Groups

For those of you that have used the groups feature in act you might find that some of the characteristics of companies is very similar to working with groups in act. They are, but I assure you the subtle differences can make a big difference in how you view and work with contacts within act.  In my next video tutorial, I will describe why this is an important feature of act and show you how to use it to your full advantage. Please watch the video below for more complete explanation of working with companies in act.

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