Some people use Outlook to manage their contacts and I think that is a mistake. Act versus Outlook: They should be using ACT.

In my opinion you cannot even compare Act to Outlook as a sales and marketing tool. Microsoft Outlook is a great email program and Act is a great contact manager. Outlook is a poor contact manager and Act is a lousy email program. If you combine these two pieces of software your small business has a fantastic set of tools that will help you implement virtually any sales and marketing plans that you might have.

Customer follow-up with Act: no problem!

Act makes it easy to lookup your clients and prospects, organize sales opportunities and generate reports. Act makes it easy to make sure none of your contacts slip through the cracks because you can find people or contacts that need to be touched. Outlook just does not have this ability. In my opinion, one of the best things about Act is that you can find the things that you don’t know that you don’t know about.

So what is better Act or Outlook? How come you are not using both Act and Outlook for your business or sales organization? That is the real question. This video explains some of the reasons why and some of the differences.


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