What does Act in the Cloud look like?

There are two types of people that will watch this video. The first type currently uses act software that has been installed directly on their computer and their experience with act has made them curious to see how act works on the web. The second type of person has never used act on their computer (and has possibly never used act at all) and is experiencing act for the first time via the web in a web browser or some other mobile device.

Either way, this video is a great overview of all of the different aspects of what act can do for you in your life and business.

Even experienced act users will find that this video offers a refreshing overview of all the tools built into this rather inexpensive software. After watching this video, long time act users will mostly come away from this video thinking about different parts of the software they barely or never use. In addition, there are probably certain aspects of the software that you either forgot about or don’t use it all and you’ve just reminded yourself to review it at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Vanilla and Chocolate

If you are a long time act user and have experienced it installed on your computer (Vanilla) this should be an interesting overview of act on the web. All of the sudden, you can experience act in a different manner. Having access to all of your data via a web browser can be an exciting proposition for long time act users. The web version of act has subtle differences that you will find awkward in the short term as it relates to act installed on your computer. Are these deal breakers? Absolutely not.

Act on the web is Chocolate

The most important thing I want you to take away is the fact that you do not have to decide which you like best: chocolate or vanilla. The real beauty of act premium cloud is the simple fact that some days you might want vanilla and you can use act on your computer. Other days you might want chocolate and you can use act via a web browser or mobile device. You do not have to decide on a favorite, you can have both vanilla and chocolate.

When you subscribe to act premium cloud your data will be on the web and via a specialized database (called a remote database or RDB for short) that will talk to your data in the cloud. In technical terms, it is called synchronization.

Act premium cloud gives act users the best of all computing worlds.


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