A client called me to buy a new license or subscription for Act Premium Cloud and I talked him out of it.

He currently has one subscription and he felt he would need a second subscription in order for his assistant to do work on his behalf. The key question is this: how important is it to be able to distinguish between items that he created and items that his assistant created?

When you buy Act Premium Cloud you can access your database via the web. You can also download and install the Act desktop software on two computers. For example, you might want to have Act on your desktop (or primary computer) and a second laptop computer. The potential exists that his assistant could use the second computer and login as him: John Smith.

Everything is assistant does will have John Smith’s name on it. If it is important to be able to distinguish who does what, for example who created that note in Act, then a second license would be appropriate. But in this case, I want my client to get the full benefits of using Act Premium Cloud.

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