Act Groups are a great way to keep your information organized and relevant.  Here is the tricky part: many people lack organizational skills.

Many years ago I attended a luncheon and I never forgot what the speaker talked about. He was in the computer business and he said that “most people think computers will keep them organized and that just isn’t true.” He noted “if you are disorganized before you get a computer, you will be disorganized after you get a computer.”

I have always believed that if you are disorganized before you get act, you will be disorganized after you get act.

When I start working with a new client, the first thing I try to figure out is whether or not they have a working plan. For example, is thier database broken down into clients and prospects? On the assumption that they’ve done this, an example of a plan would be how often they plan on sending a prospect and email.

Act ID Status

The simplest way to organize your contacts and act is by focusing on the ID status. From there, you can organize your contacts more effectively if you have use the ID status to start.


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