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I have created hundreds of YouTube style Act CRM Training videos and I’d like to give you access to learn everything you need to know about Act CRM Software.  Some of the videos are purely about the mechanics of using Act and many of the videos contain my thoughts and ideas about how to make more of the software based on years of experience working with thousands of Act software CRM users.

Clients get access to Act Clever

I have created more than 300 video tutorials about how to use Act CRM software.  Their short videos 2 to 5 minutes each and follow an outline to help you learn about Act software.  My videos are great for beginners, intermediate and advanced Act software users.

Act Clever is made up of six courses and more than 15 hours of training videos that are perfect for you and your staff.  When we work together either one-on-one or in a group setting these videos Act as my video textbook that will allow you to review the things we have discussed in the concepts I will introduce to make more out of Act.  The beauty of the Act Clever website is that each person gets their own login and can track each course and topic that they have watched.  They can jump around and learn at their own pace and come back and revisit topics to reinforce their knowledge.

Act Clever is very affordably priced and I urge you to visit the website to learn more at www.actclever.com.


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