Act CRM Tip: Right Click Everywhere in Act

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Introduction: Welcome to the ACT CRM Tip Series, hosted by Tony Holowitz. In this tutorial, Tony shares a valuable tip to enhance productivity and efficiency while using ACT CRM. Previously, he demonstrated how to perform a lookup by right-clicking on specific fields. Now, he delves deeper into the vast capabilities of right-clicking throughout the ACT CRM interface, unlocking a plethora of options and shortcuts.

1. The Power of Right-Click: Tony emphasizes the importance of exploring various right-click options in ACT CRM. Users can access an array of contextual menus by simply right-clicking on different areas within the software.

2. Right-Click for Quick Actions: Tony demonstrates that right-clicking on a field, such as “Contact,” allows users to perform instant lookups. However, he highlights that the power of right-click extends beyond field lookups. Right-clicking on blank spaces within the interface provides additional options to streamline various tasks.

3. Exploring Contextual Menus: When users right-click in different areas of ACT CRM, a context-sensitive menu pops up, providing relevant options based on the current location and context. Tony encourages users to explore these menus to discover hidden features and shortcuts that can save time and effort.

4. Simplifying Routine Actions: Right-clicking allows users to access common functions quickly. Whether it’s creating a new contact, scheduling an activity, or sending an email, the contextual menu offers a shortcut to perform routine actions without navigating through multiple screens.

5. Boosting User Experience: By leveraging the power of right-click, ACT CRM users can enhance their overall experience and workflow efficiency. It empowers users to access relevant tools and actions with a simple click, ultimately improving productivity and organization.

Conclusion: In this ACT CRM Tip, Tony Holowitz emphasizes the potential of right-clicking in ACT CRM. Beyond performing field lookups, users can access a variety of context-sensitive menus throughout the software. By exploring these menus, users can uncover hidden features, shortcuts, and convenient options that streamline their workflow. Right-clicking enables quick access to routine actions, boosting user experience and productivity. Embrace the power of right-clicking, and unlock the full potential of ACT CRM for a seamless and efficient customer relationship management experience.