ACT CRM Database Groups: Group Therapy Part 3: Let’s Get Visual

by | Oct 2, 2021 | ACT CRM Software Tips and Tricks

When you look at a computer screen all day it is imperative that you make the viewing easy on the eyes. Act by Swiftpage is no different.

My tutorials on working with act groups suggest different ways to organize your information. However, one of the easiest ways to organize your information in act is by creating a layout with act check-boxes. I love check-boxes because they are so visual and easy to use. Because they are so visual, it is simple to change and update information.

Check boxes in an Act Layout

This tutorial asks you to imagine that you are the ice cream business and illustrates some ways you can use checkboxes organize your information in act using checkboxes, and then using what you’ve done to create data rich groups.  The goal here is simple. If you need to send a quick email out to your customers and prospects that like both chocolate and pistachio ice cream it is important that their information is at your fingertips and easily accessible. At the end of the day, a little planning is all it takes to get the most out of act for your business.

Act accordingly and act groups will make your life easier.

An ACT database can hold thousands of contacts.  Many of my clients have no idea how to find the contacts in ACT that are relevant to their business; for example, prospects and clients.  They haven’t taken the time to organize their contacts properly and they cannot find them when they need them.  Please watch my videos to learn more: