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Act Add-ons

Act add-on’s are products, services and tools that enhance the usability of Act CRM. Read & Learn more about Act add-on’s.  There are hundreds of Act add-on products and services to choose from made by a small group of dedicated Act CRM software add-on designers and engineers.

Some Act add-ons you will use daily. Some Act add-ons you will use on occasion. Some of the tools are utilities that will be used rarely but are incredibly value when you need them.  Most of my clients use Microsoft Outlook. They rely on it to send and receive emails to the contacts in their Act databases. Some use the calendar feature of Outlook and Outlook is a major receptor of tools that connect to it. By default, this is important feature if you are an Act software user and Microsoft outlook user. I use a tool called Calendly. When individuals book time with me the meeting comes directly and Microsoft Outlook, not Act. I use a tool from Keystroke called Act4Outlook that prompts me to add that meeting to Act. This is a great example of tools that are developed to solve the problem.

Act CRM add-on providers makes software that solve problems and create solutions for Act software users and more.  Here are some of the types of Act CRM Tools we will discuss here:


  • API
  • Third Party Connections via Zapier
  • Act Pro tools
  • Act Premium Tools and API Connections
  • Act CRM Classic API Connections
  • Act via a Web Browser API Connections
  • Act on Mobile Devices: Handheld Contact and Act Companion
  • Utilities and Occasional use Tools
  • Key Add-on providers

Act Add-on Companies

Here is a list of some of the major add-on product makers and their websites:

Keystroke: www.keystroke.ca
Exponeciel: www.exponenciel.com
Durkin Computing: www.ImpactAct.com

Tools I Recommend

Act4Outlook | Act4Mail (the web based version of the tool) by Keystroke

Act4Outlook Trial: 14 Day Trial
Act4Mail Trial: 14 Day Trial

Shared Email Templates | Formally Called Template Phrases 

www.AbleBits.com  |  Free Trial: https://www.ablebits.com/outlook-shared-email-templates

Handheld Contact | Act Pro: Handheld Contact Classic | Subscribers: Handheld Contact API

www.HandheldContact.com  |  Free Trial: 14 Days

Calendly | Online Scheduling Tool | Great Call to Action Tool


API Tools

Please watch the video above.

It does a better job of explaining what an API is and how it works that I could ever do. Once you understand the relationship between software programs that connect via an API you start to realize the power and potential of connecting Act CRM to other software. To be blunt, most of Act’s CRM competitors are web-based. Act offers desktop and web-based CRM database software. That is a huge advantage for Act software users.

Full disclosure: Keystroke and I are partners. They make many API based Act add-ons. Ken Quigley and his staff have done a phenomenal job of developing products and services that relate to Act software.

I am not here to pass judgment on Act CRM add-on products. My goal here is to expose you to them so we can discuss what might be beneficial to the way you run your business day-to-day.  Some add-on products have a high learning curve and are worth the time and money. Some you just install and they work. Some can be frustrating to set up initially (i.e., anything with multiple settings that need to be configured).  These are worth spending some money for extra support to get them set up.

Just for the record, this page is evolving and at times I might just list an add-on with a brief description and not much more. If I do not use the product, it is hard for me to give you feedback based on my experience with the product.


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