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by | Sep 30, 2021 | Act CRM Software Fundamentals

Act users come in all varieties: small, medium and large. Salespeople. Entrepreneurs. Administrators. Nonprofits. Small business people. And many additional types to numerous to mention. We all use act differently and there are tools called act add-ons that can extend the range of function for act users.

Exponenciel is a firm that makes many different types of act add-ons. They range in price from free to about $99 and most offer free trials. My philosophy is this: if it saves you time and makes you more efficient it is well worth the price. However, if the learning curve is steep it is sometimes not worth the effort. This is for all add-ons.

Because we all work differently, I do not want to assume that add-ons that I feel are great are worthy of your time and effort; even if they might be free. So I decided I would list all of the add-ons that are offered for act version 18 on this page. I have taken the description from their website so you can review all of them. If the item has a bold orange heading, I have personally use that add-on and can comment on it. If you use an add-on that I have not, tell me about it and give me some feedback. Some of the add-ons are free.

At the end of the day the developers of add-ons such as these work hard to make our lives easier as we use act for our day-to-day business. So give them your business and everyone wins.

Add-Ons For Act by Swiftpage by Exponenciel


Source: Add-ons for Act! v18-Add the functionalities you need to Act! v18
Act! v18 is a great product but you may find that it is missing functionalities that are important to you. At Exponenciel, we have developed the following add-ons to provide you with these important missing functionalities:

ACT! Calendar To Excel

Export your ACT! calendar to Excel and take control over what it looks like and what you want displayed. With ACT! Calendar To Excel, you can add any contact, company, activity field you want. You can have different information displayed for different type of activity. You can use Excel formatting features to make you calendar look the way you want.

ACT! List View Manager

Store and retrieve your contact, company, group and opportunity list views, ie. columns, column widths and filter settings* | * Opportunity List View only

Act! to PDF Forms

Map the fields of your PDF forms to Act! fields then easily fill in the PDF forms by merging data from Act! without retyping anything.

Additional Alarm Lead Times

Add your own lead times to the Alarm drop-down list in the Schedule Activity window.

Advanced Activity Window

All the information you want can now be displayed in the Calendar view or on your smart phone!  This add-on allows you to populate 2 fields of the Activity window (the location and details fields) with any contact fields of your choice (for instance, the contact’s address, phone number, etc.).

Advanced Do Not Call Lookup

Avoid heavy penalties by complying to FTC rules which require telemarketers to scrub their call list every 31 days. Advanced Do Not Call Lookup helps you identify records (contacts, groups or companies) that are or are not on Do Not Call lists.

Advanced Dropdown Lists

Advanced Dropdown Lists allows you to create field dropdown lists which items depend on another field value. It simplifies data entry and ensures that the user is presented with dropdown options relevant to the information already entered in other fields.

Advanced Excel Templates II

Ever wished you could merge contact, company, group or opportunity fields in your Excel spreadsheets? With Advanced Excel Templates II you can! You create a Template using a method similar to the one you use when creating a Word template in ACT!. Merging is as easy as with Word.

Advanced Layout Tools Pack

Advanced Layout Tools Pack offers numerous productivity tools to add to your layouts: for instance a button to launch a program, a button to display data entry tips, a button to open a document, a field which calculates the age automatically or shows the next activity scheduled, tabs and groupbox to conveniently layout your fields, advanced picture fields and a lot more.

Advanced Lookup by Groups

Advanced Lookup by Groups is a must-have for group users. It allows you to create contact lookups based on group membership. You may create cross-sections of groups, add groups together, create lookups of contacts belonging to one or more groups but not to other group(s). You may reverse a lookup, create a lookup of groupless contacts, contacts who belong to at least one group more than one group, etc.

Automatic Data Entry – From Table

Automatic Data Entry From Table automatically fills in up to 30 different fields based on the value you enter in a reference field, so that you do not always have to retype the same data sequence.

Automatic Field Calculations

Automatic calculations are made easy with Automatic Field Calculations, which allows users to make any calculation using your ACT! database fields (Contact, Company, Group and Opportunity fields). Calculations may be either manually or automatically run when you change the value of a field. This way, you can automatically perform the calculation when one of the fields involved is modified. More than 50 functions are supported: conditional statements, financial and statistical functions.

Automatic Web Forms

Create Web forms and surveys directly from within ACT! and be notified when new data is to be imported. Import data right in.

AutoNumbers for ACT! Records

Automatically number your contacts, companies, groups or opportunities. The AutoNumber may include an automatically incremented number, one or more fields of the record, system variable (like date and time), etc. May run in fully automatic mode at time of creation of record, in automatic mode with a confirmation screen or in manual mode.

ColorCoded List Views

Create visual clues to identify records meeting your pre-defined criterias in Contact, Company, Group, Opportunity, Task and History views as well as under your Detail view tabs.

ContactLess Companies

ContactLess Companies allows you to create a lookup of companies without associated contact.

Copy Data Between Records

Copy Data Between Records gives you a list of records to choose from in your layout. Upon clicking one record, it copies data from that record into premapped fields of the current record.

DB Plugin for Act! (Dropbox)

Connect Act! with Dropbox, the online storage service. Instead of storing your files in your database, the allows you to easily upload your documents to Dropbox and to store only the link to the Dropbox document in Act!

Default Lookup Field

Make any field the default field for the lookup feature of the navigation bar.

E-mail Addresses Lookup

Create lookups of contacts based on a list of e-mail addresses.

Evernote Plugin for Act!

Connect Act! with Evernote: import notes from Evernote, export Act! notes to Evernote. Export your Act! activities to Evernote, take your notes in Evernote and close your activities in Evernote.

Excel Quote-Invoice Maker II

With Excel Quote/Invoice Maker II, you can easily merge opportunities in Excel to produce quotes and invoices in Excel or PDF format a snap.

Favorites for ACT!

Favorites for Sage ACT! allows you to bookmark contact, company, group or opportunity individual records or lookups for easy retrieval. An incredible time saver to speed up navigation between records and lookups.

Interactive Advanced Queries

Take your ACT! advanced queries to the next level by adding parameters. Create your own lookup windows.


LayoutSwitch allows you to associate a layout with a type of contact, company, group or opportunity, so that this layout is automatically selected when the record is displayed. With LayoutSwitch, no need to create separate databases for separate types of contacts. You can keep all your contacts in one database and use different layouts for your different types of contact.

MailChimp Plugin II for ACT!

Integrate MailChimp, the leading Email marketing and Email List Manager into ACT!. Create, send or schedule campaigns from existing campaigns, manage campaigns, import contacts and campaign results into ACT!, lookup campaign results in ACT!, export contacts to MailChimp, etc.

Multiple Activities Reschedule

Reschedule multiple activites at once.

Multiple Companies Contact Lookup

With Multiple Companies Contact Lookup, you can create a lookup of contacts from multiple companies selected in the Company List View

Navigation Bar for Companies-Groups

Make your Company and Group Detail views behave like your Contact Detail view. Add a navigator with VCR-like buttons similar to the one ACT! offers in Contact Detail view. Create and display lookups. Synchronize your Group or Company Detail and List views. A must-have for Company and Group users.

New History Window Fix

You know how, in ACT! 2011, the New History window defaults to Appointment instead of Call as in all previous versions. With New History Window Fix, you may define the default activity and default result when you create a new history record.

OneDrive Plugin for Act!

Connect Act! with OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), the online storage service from Microsoft. Instead of storing your files in your database, the OneDrive Plugin for Act! allows you to easily upload your documents to OneDrive and to store only the link to the SkyDrive document in Act!

Purge Notes & History

With Purge Notes & History, you will get rid of all these unnecessary Notes and History records that clog you database. Tired of seeing all these history records named Contact deleted, Field changed, etc.? Purge History scans your Notes and History records and delete all unwanted items. It can also run a report of how many records you have in your Notes or History table, classified by types. Works with contact, group and company records

Skype Plugin for ACT!

Integrate Skype with ACT!.

Universal Dialer Plugin for ACT!

Integrate Skype, Ninja Plus, magicJack and other dialers with ACT!.