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      Tony Holowitz: Web Design is My Creative Outlet

      My parents, Jack and Nancy Holowitz, are amazing photographers (www.Holowitz.com) and I owe my creative talents to them.

      holowitz.comMost of my web design clients started working with me in other areas of my business and my relationship with them evolved into helping them with their website. Quite often, my ACT software clients have a need to create webpages that double as landing pages in their marketing efforts. It was a natural progression for me to enhance my web design skills so I could help my clients.  For years I developed traditional websites for my clients. In early 2014 I started developing my skills with word press. Word press is a phenomenal tool for developing websites because it gives my clients the ability to get involved with creating content and implementing it much easier than a traditional website would afford. Below is an outline of how I approach web design:

      My Web Design Approach

      Phase 1: Discussing Your Ideas and Goals

      img4 We will discuss your ideas for your web site and attempt to focus in on the message that you want to convey on your web site. We will discuss graphics, colors, fonts and general design concepts that will give us a sense of what you are trying to accomplish. We will ask you to show us web sites you like the look and feel of even if they are not related to your industry. This will take us one to four hours to complete.

      Phase 2: Your Home Page

      The home page is the first page that people will see when they view your web site. We will design a home page based on your input and our experience. When we show you the home page, we are looking for your gut reaction. We will pick the site apart and assess the good and the bad. It’s a starting point.

      The first page needs to be simple and easy to understand and the message you want to convey should be easy for a new viewer to understand. Sometimes simplicity is difficult to achieve, and the home page will take between four and ten hours to finish.

      Phase 3: The Secondary Page and Template

      img5The secondary page is the layout people will see on all the other pages they view. A good way to think about it is to think about the layout of your favorite magazine. You have a cover page and all the other pages behind it have a specific layout. We will also layout the navigation needed to move around your web site. The secondary page typically takes us between four and eight hours to complete.

      Phase 4: Content

      The time it takes us to complete your web site is dependent on the information you give us. Obviously, if it is just text, it will take less time than if you give us text and complex graphics. Each page (if given to us fully typed and with the graphics included) will take us between 20 and 60 minutes to complete. Most web sites are at least 8 pages and this will take us three to eight hours to complete. Obviously, the more pages you have the longer it will take.

      Phase 5: Proofreading and Fine Tuningimg7

      The Proofreading of your web site is your responsibility. We expect you to proofread your site and make sure it is up to your high standards. You are responsible for grammar and spelling. Corrections will take us one to four hours.

      Let me state up front that you will never be fully satisfied with your web site. Web sites evolve; just when you think it is perfect you will think of something else that you want to add to your site. The moment you publish your web site, you will now compare your site to all other sites you visit and you will develop new ideas.


      We offer the first 20 hours for $1499.00; additional hours are billed at $85.00 per hour. It’s important that you understand something about our motivation when designing your web site. We always put more time into the site then we bill our clients for because your site is a reflection of our ability and we want to be able to show your site in our webfolio. Hence, your web site will always be a reflection of our abilities.img11

      When we start your project, we will invoice you a $500.00 retainer. If we are hosting your site, we will bill you $120.00 for the first year at this point as well. Typically, the costs range from $120 to $300 per year. As we work on your site, we will email you a weekly invoice so you know exactly where you stand. Payments are due upon receipt of your invoice.

      In addition, photos and artwork are billed for each item purchased. If you need custom artwork, we work closely with graphic artists and companies that specialize in logo design.

      In Summary

      tonypmcOur goal is to make your web site look professional. We urge you to use high quality artwork and photographs that you can provide to us or that we can purchase from a variety of sources. Also, you should know that I’m the son of great photographers (www.holowitz.com) and I tend to be a stickler for good artwork.

      We attempt to work on your web site in three-hour increments and we will ask you to be available by phone during that time to answer our questions and review our progress via the web. The quicker you can make decisions, the quicker we can get the site done.  Here is a link to our old portfolio page.