Microsoft Office: Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint

      Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint Training

      My Approach to Software Training: The 80—20 Rule of Software.  Most software users will only use about 20% of what the software is capable of accomplishing, but they will find that sufficient to complete 80% of the tasks presented to them in the workplace.  My goal is to help you become expert at the 20%.

      Microsoft Word

      Word-2013-LogoWhen I teach you Microsoft Word I concentrate on approximately 20 key points and techniques in Microsoft Word. I will teach you what you need to know to be proficient and productive at work. When I teach you Microsoft Word you will also learn many small skills that will carry over into all software programs. Many of the things you learn will make it easier for you to delve into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft PowerPoint.

      For that reason, I always tell my students to start learning by taking my Microsoft Word course. It will lay the foundation for success when you use a computer. Even if you feel you know Microsoft Word, this is a great place to start when working with me.

      outlook-logo_1427x351Microsoft Outlook

      We spend so much time sending and receiving email that it is important to make sure you are very efficient with Microsoft Outlook. I will teach you all about Microsoft Outlook: sending and receiving email, Outlook’s calendar, tasks and contact management.  In addition to discussing Outlook, I will review various tools and concepts that will save you time and make you more efficient on a daily basis.

      Excel-2013-logo-iconMicrosoft Excel

      I see rows and columns.  Microsoft Excel has the potential to do many things. You can use Excel to track data, to calculate numbers, create financial information, and so much more. When I teach you Microsoft Excel I will show you how to do many of these tasks and I will simplify the process. I will also show you the potential of Excel. I will focus on my top 20 Microsoft Excel tips, which will give you the tools you need to excel at Excel in the workplace.

      Microsoft PowerPoint

      ManyPowerPoint-2013-logo-icon of the tools that you use in Microsoft Word will be used in Microsoft PowerPoint. In fact, think of Microsoft PowerPoint not as a separate program, but merely an extension of the things you can do with Microsoft Word.  Having stated that, PowerPoint offers so many options when creating presentations that have nothing to do with PowerPoint itself. For example, music, videos and complex artwork. I can teach you how to do a simple presentation in 15 minutes. However, I can take that same presentation and make it complex and dynamic by adding music, videos, graphs and much more.

      Creating a PowerPoint presentation can be like producing and directing a movie. The end result of your presentation directly correlates with the amount of time that you have to devote to the presentation. Do not be intimidated by that statement because PowerPoint gives you the tools to do something great quickly and efficiently.