If you have decided to take advantage of act’s new subscription service (Act Premium Cloud) this article will outline how this works. First a little bit of advice for existing act user’s: think backwards.

In the past, when you purchased act you either received a disk or received a download that you would use to install act on your desktop computer. With Act Premium Cloud, you start by uploading your existing act database to act’s servers. After you have uploaded your data, you will have to wait until you receive an email from act that contains a link to your hosted database. That database is hosted in the cloud and you can view it from any web browser, smart phone or tablet.Act Premium Cloud Logo 6-2015

This is where it gets a little bit confusing.

Your act data is now in the cloud. However, to get an identical database that you can install on your desktop computer, you have to request what is called a remote database directly from act and this remote database will be prepared and sent to you. Upon receiving that remote database, which will have a .rdb file extension , you


have to restore that database on your desktop computer. Now your data is in two places: your computer and in the cloud and your two act databases identical at this point in time.

Now that you have your remote database setup, the last step is to prepare synchronization between the remote database and the one sitting on your desktop computer. After synchronization is configured, you can schedule specific time increments that best suit the way you work.

At the end of the day what does is all accomplish for you?

Regardless of how you work with your act data it will always be up-to-date. If you spend the day working on act via your web browser and make all kinds of changes, that data will be the same as the data on your desktop computer. If you make changes via your smart phone or tablet, that data and any changes that you make will be updated on your desktop computer.
Allow me to review those steps for your convenience:

  1. Subscribe to Act Premium Cloud
  2. Upload your existing act database to Act’s servers
  3. Wait for an email from act with a link to your hosted database
  4. Request a remote database
  5. Install the remote database on your desktop computer
  6. If you have an older version of act, it will have to be uninstalled from your computer.  Please make back-ups of your data before proceeding.
  7. Configure synchronization between your desktop act database and your hosted database
  8. Schedule how often your data is synchronized

Now, Act is everywhere!

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