Here is another great free add-on from Exponenciel.

Original Post Date: 3-29-2017
Updated 9-26-21

This tool allows you to look-up a group of email addresses all at the same time.  Let me give you an example of how you could use this tool. Let’s say you went to a trade show and you received an Excel spreadsheet of leads. You imported that Excel spreadsheet into ACT but failed to note where all these leads came from.

At some point in the future you realized it was important to know which leads came from that trade show. All you have to do is to open that Excel spreadsheet and copy all of the email addresses in that spreadsheet, and then insert those email addresses into this tool. You can find all the contacts with the corresponding email addresses and that would allow you to edit those contacts to reflect where those leads came from. It is a great tool and it’s free.This tool is great for managing email marketing campaigns.

Download it here:

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