Act and Microsoft Outlook Add-In Issues and Fixes

Act and Microsoft Outlook can communicate with each other because an add-in has been enabled within Microsoft Outlook.  That add in is called the ACT! Outlook AddIn.

So why do you need to know this as an Act user?

Because quite often add-ins become disabled within Microsoft Outlook and you need to know how to review what is enabled and what is disabled so you can take the appropriate action to make things work properly. Sometimes, to get them working it is as simple as checking or unchecking the appropriate box. Sometimes, you uncheck it and then recheck it. Think of it as having a checkered past. Kidding.

Here is a brief video I produced that will show you how to work with Microsoft Outlook add-ins.

Installing Act-4-Outlook in Five Easy Steps

Learn How to Install and Use Act4Outlook | Act for Outlook

  • Step One: Download and Install Act4Outlook. It is highly recommended that you close both Act and Microsoft Outlook before you install the software.  Download:
  • Step Two: Open Microsoft Outlook and Act
  • Step Three: Take note of the name of your Act database by looking at the Title Bar in Act
  • Step Four: Take note of the location of your Act database because you will be asked to Navigate to its location
  • Step Five: To Configure Act4Outlook, make sure you know your Act user name (most likely your name) and your password (if you have one) and then watch the next video:

Watch this Video to Learn How to Configure Act4Outlook