Act Marketing Automation Drip Marketing Campaign: A Charity Fundraiser

I want to state right up front that I am offering my opinions and I am also oversimplifying some of the features of Act’s new email program called Act Marketing Automation.

The reason for this is so that I do not confuse you with the subtle differences between the three programs they offer. As of August 2019, they have three programs named Professional, Premier and Ultimate. My focus is going to be on their Professional and Premier programs. The ultimate program simply offers more emails per month.

Just remember I am oversimplifying some of the differences.

The major difference between the professional and Premier programs that Act offers is the inclusion of drip marketing. The professional program is a straightforward email program in the premier program offers drip marketing.

This campaign was very effective and easy to use.  In total, approximately 60 people have donated over $6500 on my behalf to the Pan Mass Challenge.  In total, the PMC expects to raise more than $61 million dollars this year.  That is not a typo.  Now in its 40th year, the PMC has raised over $700 Million dollars.  Again, not a typo.  To learn more please visit

The drip marketing component offers a wide range of possibilities. It is complex. It can be confusing and frustrating. It takes some work, training and patience. I liken it to hiring a salesperson and having to train them. It can be expensive: $2400 per year. However, $420 of that amount is the price of one Act subscription or license for the year. Let me offer up an example of how this can work for your company if you have 10 Act software subscribers. The first license would be $2400 and each additional license for the next nine people in your company would be billed at $420 per year each.

Who should spend $2400 per year on Act Marketing Automation? To be frank, I believe you are going to need some consulting help to get this up and running quickly and correctly. There are too many variables to consider when setting up this program. More on that later. I believe you should plan that Act Marketing Automation will cost you an additional $700-$1500 in the first year in consulting and training expenses bringing your first-year expense to approximately $4000. That is the number I am going to use for the purpose of talking about Act Marketing Automation and drip marketing. Just for the record, Act has created a series of excellent training videos for you do-it-yourself types.

If you sell a product or service in which one sale can create a profit greater than the $4000 cost then you should be using this tool without any doubt. As you learn more about what it can do I think doubt will become readily apparent to you.

Campaign example number one: The Pan Mass Challenge


For the last 18 years I have been riding a charity bike ride called the Pan mass challenge. Over the years I have had approximately 200 different people contribute to my ride. All of these contacts are in Act. I have a field in Act called donor and a second field called 2019. All past donors will get a series of emails from me asking for a donation. When they donate, I put the amount of their donation in the 2019 field.

I created a dynamic group that contains all donors that have not yet donated in 2019.  The drip marketing campaign sends a new email to all the individuals that have yet to donate.

The importance of groups when working with Act Marketing Automation

When you decide to send out an email you must create a campaign. A campaign is made up of the steps or the number of emails you decide to send. How does Act marketing automation determine who to send the emails to? This is based on groups. Now I am a big fan of groups and this is the first area in which you will most likely need some help and training to understand how groups work and the power of using groups. One of the challenges of Act Marketing Automation is that it works best if your data is organized well within Act. If your data is poorly organized this process will force your hand to think about your data and how you can better organize it to make it more efficient and profitable. The whole process of going through Act Marketing Automation can have awesome side benefits that you will not have thought of or anticipated as an Act user. It will make your whole lifetime experience of using Act better.

I created a group in Act using group membership rules that grouped all the contacts in Act in which Donor was present in the PMC alumni donor field and the PMC 2019 field was blank. I wanted the first email to go out to everyone that had donor in the PMC alumni donor field. Obviously, once they donated I did not want them to get another email. Therefore, after they donated I would put the amount of the donation in the PMC 2019 field. Hence, they would automatically be taken out of the Act group. The only ones left in Act group were the individuals that had not donated yet.

The whole concept of creating groups can be confusing and I will help you through that process. Do not worry about it all.  This is what the campaign looked like in its workflow:

So now that I have decided who I want to send it to using a group and decided how often within the campaign, the next step is to create a template to send out to my past donors. This is the template that I used:


Act CRM Marketing Automation Email: Example Number 1

Act CRM Software: Using Act Marketing Automation

Note: I reviewed this article and wanted to make you aware of the fact that some of the pricing structures might have changed, so reach out to me if you need an up-to-date price quote and information.  Thanks. Tony: 781-728-9777.

For the last 18 years I have been riding in an event called the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC). he PMC  is a two-day bike ride of 192 miles and a fundraiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. in Boston. This year, we anticipate raising $60 million and in the last 40 years it has raised over $700 million.

I created an Act Marketing Automation (AMA) campaign that was going to be sent to past donors that had not yet donated to this ride. In other words, they had not donated to the 2019 ride.  In Act I have the field PMC Alumni Donor and a second field called PMC 2019. If they have donated in the past, I put Donor in the PMC Alumni Donor field and when they make a donation I put the amount in the PMC 2019 field.

Creating a Group of Contacts to Send Your Email to Via AMA

When you use AMA you need to create a group of contacts in Act using their feature called groups. I created a group with two criteria: first, the PMC alumni donor field had the word donor in it and second, the PMC 2019 field is blank. This keeps the contacts that should be receiving the email up-to-date and accurate. Once they donate, they are out of the group automatically because I created it using group membership rules. Therefore, they will not receive future emails.

Creating a Template for Your Campaign

All campaigns in Act marketing automation require a template. You must create the template in advance of sending the campaign so you can assign that particular template to the campaign.

Email Workflow

I decided that I was going to send an email five times approximately two weeks apart leading up to the event. The first email went out on June 4th and the last one would go out on July 30th with the event occurring on August 3rd and 4th.

This is what the campaign flow chart looks like:

I decided that I was going to send an email five times approximately two weeks apart leading up to the event. The first email went out on June 4th and the last one would go out on July 30th with the event occurring on August 3rd and 4th.

One of the best parts of this email is that all the work went into it up front. When I received a donation I would navigate to the contact in Act and filling in the 2019 donation amount. Because of the nature of the way I designed the group using group membership rules the only people that remained in that group were they contacts that had not donated yet. Therefore, subsequent emails only went to people that had not donated. Luckily, this campaign made it simple to request donations from my donors.

I think it was a success because I will probably raise over $7000 this year.

If you have questions about using Act Marketing Automation contact me and talk to me about my special rates for helping you implement AMA. It is my strong advice that you get help using Act Marketing Automation.  If this article helps you and you have money burning a hole in your pocket waiting to get out, you can make a donation at Thank you

Act Marketing Automation Drip Marketing Work Flow Example 1

This Act Marketing Automation drip marketing campaign sent the same email to individuals in a dynamic group every seven days.

The campaign was sent to individuals in my Act database requesting a donation for a charity bike ride that I have done every August for the last 18 years. I had created a template that was used in this campaign. As people made a donation, they were taken out of the group in Act, the group being a dynamic group.

if you have questions about Act Marketing Automation and would like to learn more please contact me (Tony Holowitz) at 781-728-9777.