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      As an Act Premium Cloud customer, I am fully committed to making your Act experience enjoyable, profitable and efficient.

      Part 1: Getting Started with Act Premium Cloud

      It is my goal to make this a smooth and easy process for you and your staff.  I’m here to advise, educate and assist you in taking full advantage of Act Premium Cloud.

      The Keystroke Experience

      Step Number One is to create an Act Premium Cloud account with Keystroke.  Matt Patterson is our Sales Manager and he will assist you with your purchase.

      Backup and Upload Your Data

      Step Number Two is to backup your Act database and then send it to us.  You will be emailed instructions on how to proceed.

      Creating Remote Databases

      Step Number Three is on us.  We turn around and send you a copy of your act database with a twist.  It is called a remote database (RDB) and it allows you to keep your data in sync.

      Downloading and Installing Act

      Step Number Four: You will receive an email with a link to download your Act desktop software which is included with your subscription.  You can also view your data via a web browser.

      Installing Your Database

      Step Number Five: installing your remote database is easy.  Armed with your Act username and password (if you have one), you can now restore your data on your desktop

      Configuring Preferences in Act

      Step Number Six: This is a good time to get a little bit of help from me (Tony Holowitz: 781-728-9777).  You have many options to work with to enhance your Act experience.

      I’m a Keystroke Partner

      Keystroke is the largest reseller of Act products and services in the world. We make add-on products for Act and have experts that can help make your Act experience a fantastic one. They have my back and yours.  Most importantly, you will get to know us as we get to know you and are here for the long-term.  It is time to get to know us.

      We have the ability to make your experience a colorful one by pulling all the bits and pieces together to make a masterpiece.

      Meet the key staff people responsible for your Act Premium Cloud experience.
      My partnership with Keystroke has enabled me to enhance your experience with Act!
      “I love teaching people how to Act. I have been doing it since 1998.”
      Tony Holowitz

      Act Certified Consultant, TonyTheTeacher.com

      “Quite simply, Michael knows everything about Act. I cannot be any clearer than that.”
      Michael Kadlub

      Manager, Keystroke

      “Matt has the ability to simplify your Act needs so you can make the most of the software.”
      Matt Patterson

      Sales Manager, Keystroke

      “Ken has built a company of passionate Act experts adept at helping you grow and expand your business passions.”
      Ken Quigley

      President & Act Certified Consultant, Keystroke

      Part 2: Whats Next? After The Initial Setup is Completed, What Should You Expect from Me?

      TALK TO ME

      As my client, I feel a great responsibility towards educating and advising you how to make the most out of your Act software subscription. My experience working with thousands of Act users allows me to bring insights into how to make the software help you become more organized and profitable.

      I spend a lot of time talking to my clients about what keeps them up at night. Sales and marketing? Forgotten clients and prospects hidden in plain sight in a big Act database?

      I teach people how to use Act to keep track of their important contacts. It is not hard, it just takes a little bit of imagination and education.  I’m here to help and I’m bursting with ideas to help you make more of Act.  Talk to me on a regular basis.

      Tony Holowitz | 781-728-9777

      Act! Smarter: What Tools and Ideas Can Help Your Business?


      15+ Questions to Ask Yourself About Act Premium Cloud

      Many of my clients are long time Act users that are now embarking on Swiftpage’s subscription model.  They were used to paying for software once and having it forever or until they decided to upgrade.  Now that Act is in the cloud, how does that change things?  What does paying for a yearly subscription really get me?  In my opinion, there are 3 really big advantages: free technical support, access to your data everywhere and the fact that we just became your IT department eliminating a huge and painful expense.

      Now you have the same access to technology that only large companies could afford to partake in.


      Act on the Web

      How do I access my data from a web browser?

      Mobile Device

      How do I access Act Premium Cloud on my mobile device?

      Creating Remote Databases

      What is a remote database and why do I care?

      Browse Only Access

      How can I share Act with my employees that do not use Act on a regular basis?

      What is an API?

      API stands for application programming interface. How can I use this to my advantage?

      Configuring Preferences in Act

      What do I need to know about Act preferences? How do they impact my staff?

      Best Browser

      Which browser works best with Act Premium Cloud? Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or something else?

      What is Act Connect?

      Act connect is An integration platform that allows Act to communicate with hundreds of popular business apps.

      What is Act Companion?

      Act companion is an app included with your subscription for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

      Act Premium Cloud vs. Act Desktop

      Which is better? What are the differences? Should I use both? how do I keep them synchronized? What else do I need to know?

      Connecting Outlook to Act for Web

      How do I configure Microsoft Outlook and Act Premium Cloud?

      Should I have a password?

      I would highly recommend that you have a password for your Act Premium Cloud account.

      Who Should I call First?

      Start with me: Tony Holowitz at 781-728-9777 and I will connect you with the person best able to solve your issue.

      Free Help

      How do I get it? Who do I call? How does Tony and Keystroke impact the support that I get?

      Free Training Videos

      How do I access free training videos for my staff?

      Getting Help After Hours

      How do I get help nights, weekends and holidays?  Answer: Call Tony at 781-728-9777 24/7/365. Calls forward to my mobile phone.  Easy!

      What is Premium Plus?

      Act Premium Plus adds tables to Act.  Tables can be an amazing tool for data entry and organizational capabilities in Act.

      Free Act Review

      How do I get someone to review my act database for tips and efficiencies? Call and ask Tony.

      New Computer: Now What?

      You purchased a new computer and you are trying to understand the steps you need to take to get Act installed on it. I can help.

      Act Scheduler

      How do I create Act Backups, Synchronization and Maintenance Automatically?

      Act Registration Administrator

      Act is requiring that an Administrator register my software.  Who is an Administrator?

      Part 3: Taking Act to the Next Level. Sell More. Do More.


      My Recommended Act & Outlook Add-ons

      You just spent a decent chunk of change subscribing to Act Premium Cloud and now I am giving you suggestions on how you can spend more on software. Am I my crazy? Not at all.

      As small business people we have to wear many hats and have the ability to leverage what we do quickly and efficiently. I teach people about all different kinds of software and one of my favorite add-on products is called Template Phrases for Outlook.

      These products offer free trials and I urge you to reach back to me to ask me why I am so fond of these products. Quite simply, they make my day easier and more profitable.


      Act for your Industry

      Keystroke makes a variety of Act add-on’s that are formatted for specific industries such as real estate, the mortgage industry, financial planners, service providers and more.

      Handheld Contact

      Handheld Contact is simply the best way to view Act on your mobile devices or smartphones. Handheld Contact is $79 per year.


      Act4Outlook takes the relationship between Act and Microsoft Outlook to a whole new level. This is a must-have product for Act users. $36

      Templates for Microsoft Outlook

      Template phrases is my favorite software add-on. This tool makes it easy to save templates for frequently used emails in Microsoft Outlook. I will show you how to make more of it as an Act user. $30

      Tables for Act

      Are you in an industry that requires you to collect a lot of data in Act? Long time Act users have found this awkward at best because you have to create unique fields to hold that data. Tables allow you to collect Microsoft Excel like data in grids. $70 per year.

      Email Lookup in Act

      Email lookup for Act is a free tool that allows you to grab multiple email addresses and find the corresponding contacts in Act. Free

      Put a Button On It

      Put a button in the Act layout that allows you to simplify multistep tasks quickly and efficiently. This is a real timesaver for you and for training employees to make more out of Act. $70

      Bananatag for Outlook

      Would you like to know when people read your emails sent from Microsoft Outlook? What if they click on a link in that email? I have often stated that I do not mind when a prospect says no, but I go crazy when I do not get a response. This tool will change that for you.  $99 per year and worth every penny

      QuickBooks and Act Together

      I teach people how to use QuickBooks. Many Act users also use QuickBooks and I can show you how to leverage both of these tools to find information that is relevant to you and simplify working with both pieces of software. $150

      Questions and Answers: Call Tony at 781-728-9777

      My goal is to help you have an amazing experience with Act Premium Cloud.
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