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ACT! Training, Consulting, Customization & Implementation

We offer ACT! training, consulting, customization and implementation for all versions of ACT!.

ACT by SwiftpageIf you are an individual user, all four of these areas can usually be viewed as one; if you have multiple ACT! users we usually suggest you look at these areas independently before you get too deeply into ACT! because it can make the whole process much easier and cost effective in the long run.

In my opinion, there are two main parts of working with ACT!: setup and training.
Setup usually includes some consulting (a discussion of your needs and goals), customization (creating a look, feel and layout that will provide you with the information you need) and implementation (working to make sure ACT! is installed properly).

Training can be viewed in two parts: general training (understanding the basic parts of ACT!) and specific training that will include all aspects of your day to day business needs as they relate to ACT!. Our training is not limited to just ACT!.  We often need to help our clients with common software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Last but not least, we believe we are successful at helping people with ACT! because we believe your success in making ACT! a useful part of your business isn’t about the software. It’s the thought process before you implement the software, the planning and goal setting. ACT! is just a tool and we can help you use it properly.

ACT! versions we support: 2000, 6.0, 2004, 2005 (7.0), 2006 (8.0),2007 (9.0), 2008 (10.0), 2009 (11.0), 2010 (12.0), 2011 (13.).

ACT! Training

When I do ACT! training the first thing I ask my clients to do is to completely forget about ACT!. Tell us in non-computer terms what you are attempting to accomplish.

Are you trying to become more organized? Are you trying to sell more? Are you letting customers and prospects fall through the cracks because you don’t have a good follow-up strategy in place? The clearer you are about what you want to accomplish in your business, the easier it is for us to help you. ACT! is a good software program that can be made great if we know where you want to take it.

We can help you with ACT! in either a one-on-one tutoring and consulting approach or with online training. Many of our clients use both methods. It is best to call us to discuss your situation.

ACT! 1 Class Outline

Loving Monday Mornings: Making ACT! Work for You
Consulting vs. Training
Who am I?
Why ACT!
Why are you here?
Software can be a giant waste of time
Sales | Small Business | Glorified Rolodex | Marketing | Accounting
The most important rule for ACT! users: its not about the software
I’ve made all the mistakes
If you are not organized…
My approach
History Lesson (very, very, brief)
ACT! (2000, 5.0 and 6.0) versus ACT! (2005 and 2006,2007, 2008)
What are your GOALS?
Creating and opening a database
Getting familiar with ACT
Getting around ACT!
ACT! Toolbars and Menus
The My Record
Modifying Layouts (brief discussion)
Navigation Bar on Left
Previous | Next | First | Last
Number of Contacts
Stage 1: Entering Information into ACT!
Salutation field
Screen Resolution
Inserting a new contact (business card)
Importing contacts (brief discussion)
Dropdown fields
Enter a contact and make a decision
The most important ACT! field
Prospects and Customers
Required fields
Types of fields
Duplicate contacts
Edit a contact 
Let’s take a step back for a moment
My contacts are in ACT!: now what do I do?
Planning your day, week, month or year
Scheduling calls, Meetings and To-do’s
Recurring Activities
Finding contacts
Clearing Items
Contact list
Rescheduling Activities
Task List
Task List versus Calendars
To-do’s: are they worth it?
What happens when you clear items?
Misc. items to get help with
Preferences in ACT!
Layouts: Think before you ACT

ACT! 2 Training
So you have an ACT! database with hundreds (or maybe thousands) of leads and the question you keep asking yourself is what do I do now?

This class is for small businesses, sales managers and salespeople that use ACT!, but now want to turn ACT! into a sales machine.

Most businesses have prospects and customers they deal with on a daily basis and we will show you how to make sure no one slips through the cracks by formulating a plan to give great customer service.

ACT! 2 Class Outline
Opening Comments
Quick review of ACT! 1 
Getting your work done
Starting your day With ACT
Making Calls
Going to Appointments
To-dos: getting stuff done.
The Calendar and Task List
Clearing Items
Never Erase
Private Items
Finding contacts more options
A prospect inquires, now what?
Following up on things you’ve done.
Form Letters
Follow-up Calls
Your Layout: Does it Work
Revisiting Fields & Layouts
A quick look at ACT! and Required Fields
Contacting your Prospects (Telephone, Email and Mail).
Email Marketing
ACT! Email Options
Email: Outlook or ACT!
The Email Tutorial
The most important field in ACT! revisited
To-do’s and other types of activities
Filters in ACT!
Follow-up: email, letters and faxes
Form Letters
Templates Word Processing & Email
Word Processor: Word vs. ACT!
Scheduling for others
Task List revisited
Task List versus Calendars revisited
Review your schedule 
Prospects & Clients
Organizing your Prospects
Prospects are everywhere!
Planning your day, week, month or year
Starting to Sell & Market with ACT!
Types of Customers
Your best prospect and my pet peeve
Loving your Customers: Don't Forget Them 
Fine Tuning ACT!
ACT! on a network (briefly)
Preferences in ACT!
Sales Opportunities
Activity Series

ACT! 3 Training
When I sat down to develop an outline for our ACT! 3 class I was faced with a dilemma: how do I make this class interesting and informative to a broad audience of ACT! users? As I pondered that, I realized there are different types of ACT! users that would benefit from this class.

For example, an individual salesperson whose focus is purely on sales, a small business owner who is responsible for everything, a sales manager that is responsible for a sales staff and accountable to upper management.  I can't forget the IT department that doesn’t necessarily use ACT! but is responsible for its upkeep. What are the issues they face as everyday ACT! users and how do you incorporate it into one class?

I realized that it is virtually impossible to create a single class to accommodate everyone, so I decided that ACT! 3 will be an overview of many things and our individual on demand classes will go into more depth.

You can view our on demand classes 24/7/365 (available after 2/15/2008 to subscribers).  The classes are:
ACT! for Small Business Owners
ACT! for Salespeople
ACT! for Sales Managers
ACT! for the IT Department and Administrators
In addition we will have tutorials that deal with specific issues as they relate to ACT!.
ACT! 3 Class Outline
Stage 3: Reviewing where you've been
Working more Effectively & Efficiently with ACT!
Fine Tuning Lookups
Groups: The Pros and Cons
Layout options
Reports vs. Lookups
Importing contacts from outside sources
Handheld Devices
Backup your ACT! data (two ways)
ACT! addon products.
Keep it Simple
Reviewing and implementing your goals
Scheduling Tips
Sharing a Database
Taking ACT! with you.
The ACT! layout
To Sync (Synchronization) or not to Sync?
Tools That compliment ACT!
ACT! Maintenance
Managing your sales manager
Lead by example
ACT! for Sales Managers
Getting Help
Extended Question & Answer Period