Understanding Act CRM Software

Now offered as a subscription service

Your Act Premium Cloud subscription includes free technical support, remote databases, browse only access users, the ability to add Act Marketing Automation and the ability to connect Act to other software via API’s and more.

Act Pro: No Longer Sold

Perfect for Individuals

  • $299.95
  • One-Time Purchase
  • For 1 to 10 Users
  • You do All the Work & Setup
  • Support: $75-$150 Hour

Act Cloud & Desktop

All-In-One Package

  • $240 to 420 Annually
  • Very Important: The Desktop Version of Act is Included at No Extra Cost When You Subscribe to Act Premium Cloud!
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free Upgrades
  • Data Backups
  • Access Act Online
  • Act Marketing Automation
  • Advanced Security Levels
  • Includes Web & Desktop
  • No Server Required
  • No Costly IT Support
  • Access Act Remotely
  • iPhone & iPad Access
  • Tablet Access
  • Act Companion App
  • 2 Remotes per Subscription
  • Free: Browse Only Options
  • API Tools: Act Connect
  • Connect to Other Apps
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Sales Pipelines & Opportunities
  • Access Act Online via Web Browser
  • Microsoft Office Compatibility

Act Premium Cloud Subscriptions

Very Important: The Desktop Version of Act is Included at No Extra Cost When You Subscribe to Act Premium Cloud!

When you are Act Premium Cloud subscriber you will receive a database with all your data called a remote database (RDB). This database is just like the database you currently use with your Act desktop software and if I did not tell you it was different you would not even notice that there was something unique about it. Allow me to describe what that is. Simply, it synchronizes to the cloud; to your master database.

As an Act Premium Cloud subscriber, you are entitled to two remote databases and you can also access your data via Act Premium for Web. In other words, you will be given a URL or web address in which you can access all your Act data via a web browser. A common scenario is that your first remote database is your desktop computer. The second remote database is for your laptop computer that you travel with. If you are in a situation where you are not in reach of either computer, simply access your data via the URL you will be given.

This gives you three ways to access your data via your subscription.

Because the URL can be somewhat longwinded, in my opinion, and not always easy to remember, I recommend that you register a domain name and point it at that URL. For example, www.TonysActDatabase.com. Just a thought and a $15 hack.

Lets Talk About that Second Remote Database

One of the interesting things about using a remote database is the potential of the second remote database. Instead of having the second remote database on your laptop you could use it for your sales assistant, secretary, telemarketer, salesperson or customer service representative that works on your behalf. When they use Act, they are using it as you. They login as you with your credentials. Therefore, if they make a note or create some type of history or activity it will be reflected as you having created that action. If it is important, simply get them their own subscription and everything they do will be recorded with their name.

If you have multiple Act users you can segment the data they receive in their database. You can limit it to a territory for example if you have salespeople.

Free Tech Support

When you are an Act subscriber you receive free technical support. Typically, you need to dial in number and get into a queue to receive that technical support. The downside is that is going to take a little bit of your time when needed. I tell my clients to contact me first by phone or email to describe the matter or the issue you are having. Sometimes, you might find it more beneficial to pay me to fix it for you because I can diagnose it quicker and get it done for you.

Think of it like changing the oil in your car. You could most likely learn how to change the oil in your car, buy all the tools and just get it done. It will take some of your time. The next option is to take your car and have the oil changed by professional. It is done quickly and it is done right and you can focus on other things. The point being, this free technical support option is perfect if you apply it to the right situation. There will be times when it is more beneficial to pay someone to get work done for you.  Reach out to me when you have issues so I can help you diagnose the best next steps.

No Expensive Setup, Server Equipment Costs & Maintenance

If you plan to share your data that takes you into a whole new realm of potential expenses. First, how do you share your data in Act? Do you buy an expensive server? Once you purchase it, who is going to help you install, maintain, network and service that equipment? What happens when you run into a problem? The expense of this proposition can be open-ended and downright scary.

Act Premium Cloud eliminates all of those issues.

We Act as your server and expert Act IT department and all of the expenses are included within your subscription. No expensive equipment and no expensive IT support.

Browse Only Access

To me this is one of the best benefits of subscribing to Act. If a member of your team barely uses Act and only really uses it as a Rolodex, to find numbers and look up addresses, they do not need to buy a copy of Act. When you buy one copy of Act you get 10 browse only users. They can install Act on their computers and look up information, but they cannot change or edit it.

This is a great feature that can save money on licensing and enhance the reach and usefulness of Act. The key point here is that you do not necessarily have to buy a new Act subscription for every Act user in your office. If their dynamic changes in the future, you can always purchase a subscription for that person.

Act Marketing Automation

Over the years Act has introduced subscription-based email marketing tools that are built right into Act. First there was Swiftpage email. Ironically, Swiftpage purchased Act. That tool evolved into Act Email Marketing or AEM. In late 2018 Act introduced Act Marketing Automation. This tool is not available for Act Pro users.

Act marketing automation is Act’s most sophisticated email marketing tool yet.

I have always thought of Act is a great sales tool. Having stated that, Act Marketing Automation has turned Act in another direction. It has turned it into a marketing tool that has embraced common marketing practices for this day and age. It is sophisticated and complex and worthy of your consideration. It will take you some time to learn but I feel the benefits of using Act Marketing Automation can be well worth it for a sales, marketing and customer follow-up. Some of the concepts you will be introduced to is drip marketing and landing pages that initiate positive actions.

If you decide to use Act Marketing Automation, I urge you to think of it as a separate product within Act that is worthy of your time to learn and implement in order to get the results you expect.

Act connect and API

My experience has been many of my Act software clients have small businesses and are doing everything in their power to stay in touch with their customers and prospects. The one thing they do not have a lot of is time. They are typically not large companies with a huge support staff. They work hard every day just to hold things together. Time is of the essence.

So, when I talk to them about connecting Act to other software this is quite often one of those items that is way down on their list of things to do. Frankly, when I think of it as an Act Certified Consultant, I find the prospect of connecting Act to other software to be somewhat overwhelming. It is new and there is a lot to learn about its potential. But this is a direction that technology is taking us and even if you do not utilize it at this point in time you need to recognize its existence.