Many long time act users that I’ve spoken to are very confused about the new subscription model act is offering.

In the past act had two primary products, Act Pro and Act Premium. Act Pro was for small businesses with 10 or less users and Act Premium was for larger companies with many act users and with more extensive requirements. The Act subscription product has effectively eliminated Act Pro. When you subscribe you automatically get Act Premium and Act Premium is $25 per month per user.

Make Sure to Request a Remote Database from Act

Act Premium Cloud offers Act Premium in two ways: first it is in the cloud, all of your data. Second, and this is where the confusion begins, it is also available to you on your desktop computer via what is called a remote database. So this is the process that I feel is creating some confusion for many long time act users. When you subscribe to Act Premium Cloud for $35 month you get act in two ways, in the cloud and on your desktop computer. In my opinion act has done a poor job of explaining the second part of this equation. People seem to think it is only the cloud for $35 per month. It is not only in the cloud.  Some people think the cloud version is an additional $35 over and above the $25 Premium price which would total $60.  Having it hosted is only $10 more.

Act Premium Cloud and Act on your desktop Computer

When you set up an act premium cloud subscription for $35 a month you need to make sure you request a remote database from act. Initially, you will upload all of your data to act and they will host it in the cloud. After they have done this, they will send you per request a remote database. When you have a remote database it will synchronize with the cloud version back to the desktop version to keep all your data in sync. You can sync manually or you can schedule synchronization.

When you have Act Premium Cloud you have the flexibility of viewing act on your computer and on any Internet ready device such as a smart phone. If you absolutely do not need to have act in the cloud, all you have to do is subscribe to act premium which is $25 per month. Last but not least, can you still get Act Pro? Yes. Call for details.

Act Subscription Offerings as of 9-18-2015

  • Act Premium $25 per month
  • Act Premium Cloud $35 per month
  • Note: Act Premium Cloud is not an additional $35 per month on top of the $25 Act Premium Subscription.  It is simply $10 more per month to have it hosted (this is a great deal).


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