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Act Premium Cloud: Cloud Based Act

Formerly Named Act CRM Classic

Act Premium Cloud is web-based software with an option to use Desktop Sync.  I use it in my office and I highly recommend it to my customers.  It is great because there is no software to install.  Long time Act users might find some challenges because they have to adapt to using Act in a web browser.  Those challenges can easily be overcome with some simple training.  I offer a series of training videos to make this a good experience and easy transition for everyone involved.  I love it.

Start with a 14 day free trial below and if you use my link below I will help you get started with Act Premium Cloud.  In addition, I offer one-on-one training and access to my website to my training clients.

Act Software Offerings

  • Act Premium Cloud $360 Annual Subscription
  • Act Premium Desktop $450 | $350 upgrade special (limited time offer)
  • Act Pro Desktop Software $450 perpetual license

17 Major Benefits of using Act Premium Cloud: $360 Annually

  1. 14 Day Free Trial with Setup Assistance
  2. Easily import your current Act database
  3. No software to install
  4. No expensive servers
  5. No expensive IT support
  6. Receive 30 minutes of my time to help you get started and setup
  7. Includes my training videos for Act Premium Cloud
  8. Optional desktop sync service for $120 per year
  9. Desktop sync gives you the best of Act CRM: Cloud & Desktop
  10. Includes Act Companion Mobile App
  11. Free automatic software updates
  12. Basic Act Marketing Automation included
  13. Automatic Nightly Backups
  14. 6 GB Cloud Storage
  15. Send and Receive Emails with Microsoft Outlook
  16. Access to API Technology
  17. Act continues to improve the software

Desktop Sync Option

I’m really excited about this option for Act users today. It is easier to use the cloud version of Act.  If you try it and you still want the comfort and familiarity of the traditional desktop software you can have the best of both worlds.

Act Desktop Sync is $10 per month and includes Act Desktop software. What a great insurance policy to make sure you have a great experience with you software.

You don’t have to decide today, you can add that later.  But rest assured, you will have a great experience with Act software and all the tools that come with it.

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